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Get a spare email address – Boot Camp Episode #5

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Get a spare email address – Boot Camp Episode #5

As with anything you do on the internet, you want to be cautious with what personal information you give out. There are many legitimate offers on the web, but sometimes you will get spam email when signing up for them. I sign up for free items, coupons, contests, company reward programs, newsletters and so much more. I have a separate email account, just for these type of offers. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or Inbox are all free email services. Use this free account whenever you register for anything on the internet, so you can keep it separate from you personal email. I have my bills or banking information coming to my personal account, so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Some of the things you may want to use your spare account for are:

  • Company newsletters
  • Internet printable coupons
  • Free samples
  • Company reward programs
  • Contest submissions
  • Mail in rebates
  • Surveys
  • Social media websites – (If the email address is accessible to anyone viewing)

When you register with a company in order to access a printable coupon, sometimes they ask you for more than just your name and email address. I do not have a problem completing a short survey, as this helps them determine who is using their products. I will give them my name, address, birthday, number of people in my household etc. I draw the line at telling them my kids names, and home phone number. NEVER give out your SS# or Credit Card information unless you know it’s legitimate. For example, if you are signing up for a Mystery Shopping company and they will need this information to pay you, or you are ordering business cards. Always do your homework and be overly cautions with any offers.

That being said, there are some wonderful opportunities out there to Save your Family money and if you can take advantage of these, I highly recommend it. If getting “spam” email has kept you from jumping right in, well now you have no excuse!