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Fruits and Veggies Shopping Trip for Juicing

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Fruits and Veggies Shopping Trip for Juicing

Juice ~ Carrot, oranges

Yesterday we started doing some Juicing.  My ultimate goal is to do a juice detox but I need to wean off coffee and in the past it’s been better for me to substitute one meal a day with Juice.  I am new to juicing but I’m very excited about starting it up, mostly for the health benefits and getting more fruits and veggies in the kids. My friend Crystal over at The Thrifty Mama has all the great information to help get you started.

I stocked up on a few Fruits and Veggies at Publix yesterday.

Gala Apples Sale 1.99 lb
Lemons 3 for $1.99
Ginger Root
Oranges at .99¢ a pound
Sweet Potatoes

Total = $20.04

I’ve made 2 meals with this so far….one meal was for all 4 of us and the 2nd (pictured above) was lunch for Hubby and I today.

I purchased the The Juicing Bible on Amazon at a great price!  All over town this is full price.  It’s currently out of stock but you can order it at the current price of 34% off and they will ship when it’s back in stock.  I love how it tells you what each ingredient can do for your body.  I also let the kids look through it and they put post it notes on pages of recipes they want to try.  This gets them involved and hopefully will get them drinking more.

I also invested in the Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed 900-Watt Juicer and I’m loving it!  Happy New Year to Us.

Recipe above:

Orange Zinger

1 Orange
3 Carrots
1/2 inch piece gingerroot ( I used a tad bit less based on the taste of the first one I made for hubby)
1 apple

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