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Frugal Wall Decor for Under $25

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Frugal Wall Decor for Under $25

From the 2012 archives

This is a  Ballard Design Knockoff that I did a couple years ago and thought I’d share it again.  It’s an easy and cheap way of decorating a large wall in your house.  I did this in my Dinning room but the possibilities are endless.  I found these 3 pieces of scrap MDF at the Habitat for Humanity Outlet for only $6.

saw wood wood2

Time to get busy. I had to have my assistant hubby help me cut the wood. I don’t have a workbench so we rigged something up and he helped hold it while I cut. Trusting man he is! I cut 9 12×12 squares and then spray painted the edges brown. Then I pulled out all of my scrapbook paper and started laying out ones I liked. I’m telling you I must have laid out 50 sheets in several different arrangements before I found the one I liked. I used this spray adhesive on the wood and the paper and put them on each piece. Let me warn you, this stuff is strong so be sure you get it where you want it, because once it’s down, it’s not coming up! One sheet was not straight so I had to peel it off and do over. Luckily I had another of the same print.

spray mess-up back

The hardest part for me was figuring out all the wall spacing and measurements. I wanted it to look straight and be spaced apart correctly. But I bought these hooks and used a “spacer” to attach them to the back of the boards. Then I measured out the walls for my screws. I HATE this part. I am horrible at measurements and making sure it’s all level. The pic on the left is the Ballard Design inspiration piece. The right is mine. I LOVE IT! Not sure if I love it more because It was so cheap or because I did it myself! I could trim it out but I think it’s ok the way it is. Plus that would be A LOT of extra work. Who has time for that?

ballard-designs after

Ballard Designs: $199.00

Mine: Less than $25.00

My dining room before AND after. Oh…the valances on the windows are table runners….shhhh….dont’ tell anyone!

drbefore drafter