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Frugal, Meaningful Gifts

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Frugal, Meaningful Gifts

Guest Post by: Dian

For me, it seems this time of year is filled with more gift giving occasions than any other, short of Christmas! There are tons of birthday parties of course, and Graduations, Going Away To College, Weddings, Baby Showers, and more! So, what better time to discuss some great gifts you can give?

I will have to begin by saying almost all of these ideas are shamelessly stolen straight from my Mother! She is the ultimate gift giver and card sender!

I remember as a kid and teen, going to the mall and thinking: “Oh no, please let us walk past the card store…nope, here we go, right into the card store!” She was not going in to buy a card for a particular occasion per say, but, to “look” at the cards. Which really meant reading almost EVERY card in the ENTIRE STORE! She had to pick the perfect card, even if it was going to be stored until an occasion that fit that card was upon her! Anyway, I digress…

Since there are many summer weddings, let’s start there. This particular gift was one that I loved so much, she even gave it to me for my wedding. I looked forward to the day I got married and received one.

She would hand pick a goblet, not one from the Bride’s registry, just one she felt was unique and could stand alone. She would wrap it in tissue paper, and place it in a box alone and enclose a card that read:
Forgiveness Cup

When harsh words have been spoken

And things seem to have gotten out of control

Take this goblet and fill it up

Present it as a forgiveness request

If your your mate drinks from the cup

Then you both will know

All has been forgiven

This is such a great gift, like I said my Mother is a great gift-giver. I placed mine in a curio cabinet with the card standing in front of it.

You can find a great single goblet for not much money almost anywhere. I have seen beautiful ones at T.J. Maxx and even second hand stores or garage sales! Just look around and be creative. Remember, it’s the thought behind the gift that counts! This is what I call a great fun, frugal, meaningful gift! Thanks Mom!

Dian blogs over at Grocery Shop for Free – I am a SAH Homeschooling, Pastor’s Wife, Mom of 4.  I married my very best friend in all the world – the only way to go!  I LOVE saving money and shopping for FREE!  It’s like a game and I win all the time!!  I adore helping people, and watching them grow and help their families save too!  I must also confess I am a Reality TV nut!