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Frugal Desk Refab! And my new nail gun!

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Frugal Desk Refab! And my new nail gun!

I know it’s rehab but I saw refab written somewhere and loved it!  Well I’ve been working very hard on several projects.  Which is why my pantry looks like this:

Messy PantryI asked the kids to help me put the groceries away.  Needless to say, I’m pretty sure if I can’t find something, it must be on the floor!  Maybe I’ll get to reorganizing it tomorrow?  I’m trying not to let it bother me :twitch:twitch:  Anyhoo, look what my hubby bought me for our Anniversary!

Nail gun

Yes, it’s an air compressor with a nail gun, brad nailer and staple gun.  I would have gotten it a long time ago had I know how much fun it would be! Now I know you’re thinking this isn’t exactly a romantic gift.  Usually we buy something for ourselves and say “Happy Anniversary” to each other!  This way we both get what we want/need and we’re both happy.  Hey, it works for us.  I think I got him a new wireless router?! 🙂  The air compressor kit we got at Lowe’s and used a 10% off coupon – you know I had to!  I’m pretty sure it’s already paid for itself.  Anyway, onto one of my projects that I got to use this baby on.  My parents are moving and no longer needed their office desk so I happily took it off their hands.  I’ve been using one of those cheap fold away tables and desperately wanted one with drawers so I could hide put away the clutter. Here is what it looked like when it got to my garage aka: the desk salon!

Desk Front 1 Desk back 1

I’ve been wanting to use beadboard wallpaper ever since I saw the project Rhoda did over at Southern Hospitality.  You can buy it by the roll for about $13 at Home Depot.  They have other textured designs also.  Check out the artwork Sarah did over at Thrifty Decor Chic. I decided this was the perfect time to experiment!  I tried to sand the table down so the paper would stick better but even the power sander wasn’t making a large dent.  I love doing projects, but I have no patience so I take every short cut I can.  I bought primer that works on almost all surfaces. In retrospect I should have used the primer over the entire desk first, not just the parts that were not getting the wallpaper.  All you have to do is cut a piece of the wallpaper to fit the desired area, roll it up inside out and soak in water for 5 seconds.

Wallpaper 1 Wallpaper 2

Let it sit for 10 minutes to activate the paste.  Then put it on just like wallpaper. Don’t worry if you’ve never wallpapered, it was super easy.  Just line it up, smooth out the air bubbles with a sponge and viola! The roll has picture instructions if you need them. Let it dry, then use a utility knife to trim away the excess.  I took my handy little brad nailer and trimmed it with some cheap trim molding to help finish it off. Then I got out my caulk gun and made it look seemless.  I also used the caulk to cover the nail holes.  I wasn’t too worried about making a mess as I was planning on painting it anyway.

IMG_0324 Trim Caulk

Once done with that, I primed the remaining brown areas. Notice the drawers in the back that I also painted.  Then I got out my FREE quart of Glidden paint in “Eloquent Ivory” and started painting.  I used a small & smooth roller and did 2 coats.


I purchased new drawer pulls and put them on the front.  This was a little more difficult then it should have been.  The holes didn’t match up from the original handles so I had to fill them, paint over them and drill new ones.  I finally got it done and put into the office.  Doesn’t it look FABULOUS?!!!!

Desk After

Elis approves! And you know it’s not a great desk unless the cat wants to sleep on it!  Would you believe she’s older than our marriage….over 13 years!

Desk side Desk back

The 2nd photo is how the back looks and if I move the desk away from the wall, this area might actually be seen.  I haven’t even had a chance to organize the drawers yet but I’m typing this post from my laptop on the desk!  I love it and enjoyed being creative and using my hands.  What do you think?

I’d like to thank the following people for making this project happen:

My parents – For giving me the desk!
My Husband – For buying me the compressor and taking the kids to visit Nana & Poppa for the weekend so mommy could work 24/7. And going with me to Home Depot and Lowe’s a zillion times. Oh and helping me maneuver it through the office doorway!
My Mother & Father In Law – For ordering the Glidden paint for me and taking in my hubby and kids for the weekend (I didn’t put them out, they drove 4+ hours for a visit and I used it as an opportunity!)
My Brother In Law – For ‘tech support’ when my brad nailer started to malfunction!
My Sister – For meeting me for Sushi when I needed a break.
Home Depot – For being right around the corner when I needed something, and for accepting competitor coupons.
Lowe’s – For the air compressor and the superb customer service when I exchanged my malfunctioning brad nailer.

Stayed tuned for how I made this shelf cabinet  match the desk.


I’m joining the Thrifty Party over at Southern Hospitality this week.  Head on over and check out all the fun stuff people are finding!