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Free Business Cards, Holder & More

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Free Business Cards, Holder & More

250 FREE Business Cards & Business Card Holder.

There are some great Free things to be found at Vista Print right now.  I recommend business cards for any business owner or blogger. Get 250 free business cards + a card holder or you can upgrade and get 500 premium business cards for only $1.99.   Here’s a list of other reasons to have cards:

  • Use them to promote your blog, even if it’s just for family.
  • Put your contact information on them, and stick one in your child’s pocket when you will be in a crowded area. This way if you get separated, the authorities can easily contact you.
  • Print a frequent buyer card or other promotional offer on a card. The whole card can be a coupon for a free consultation, a discount, or a free gift with purchase.
  • Print the team’s sport’s schedule, so all the parents & grandparents have it handy.
  • Make cute gift tags that say “From The XYZ Family”
  • If you sell Mary Kay, Pampered Chef or others like this, put your card in with the products, so they know who to contact when they need more.
  • We’re moving cards – put your new address and phone number on them and pass them out to friends and family.
  • Print directions to your new place and even ad a map.
  • Having an event fundraiser – put the time, place and how people can donate.
  • Add all your social media outlets for friends – Facebook, MySpace, Twitter & more.
  • Teach classes like Yoga – List the location & times.
  • Print your favorite bible verse on them, and the church you attend, so you can pass the info onto someone in need.
  • Write a love note on them and randomly leave them in your hubby’s car or you child’s lunchbox.
  • And if all else fails, they make good bookmarks or toothpicks!

Here are some other FREEBIES you can get at Vista Print right now.

Customizable stamp
140 address return labels
Cotton T-shirt

Free Photo Calendar – These make great gifts!

Try 100 Mommy Cards for only $1.99.  This is perfect for a new mom and makes a great gift.  Add Mom’s contact information and she can hand them out to babysitters, teachers and other parents.  I think this is a very thoughtful gift and great for busy mom’s on the go.