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Fall Wreath and Hammered Pumpkins with Another Bulletin Board

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Fall Wreath and Hammered Pumpkins with Another Bulletin Board

From the Archives:

I took a quick picture of the things I found while Thrift Store & Dollar Store Shopping.  I was so inspired by all the websites I visited last week.


Poor Sad Neglected Wreath: $.99
3 Rolls of Shrink Wrap: $2.99
Glass Dome: $1.99
Basket: $.25
Black Candle Stands: $1.00
Plastic “Halloween” numbers: $1.00
Sad Walmart Bulletin Board: $2.99
Twig Sleigh:$.25
Orange Squash basket:$.25

This wreath was so sad and it was just asking to be adopted and taken care of.  I brought it home, took off it’s clothes, and hosed it down.  Then I let it bask in the sun for a few hours.  I purchased a strand of fall garland and small bunch of flowers at JoAnn’s this week.  They were buy 1 get the second free.  When I laid them all out to make my wreath, I noticed the garland was almost the same ‘length’ as the wreath.  Being the lazy and impatient crafter I am, I decided to just attach the garland to the wreath instead of cutting it apart and attaching the leaves separately.  You can see the green ties but I used my glue gun to cover it with a leaf.

w2 wreath1

Then I took these pumpkins from the dollar store and spray painted them with the Hammered spray paint from Home Depot.  I stuck them on a stick outside and was able to spray paint the entire thing at once.  Because of the material, I had to do several coats.  I also saw these pumpkins at Walmart for $1.00 incase you can’t find them at your dollar store.

wpumpkins w8

I use the extra bouquet from JoAnn’s and a few of the spray painted pumpkins to finish off the wreath.  I LOVE how it turned out!

Last week I did the Fabric Covered Magnetic Bulletin Boards.  Since I had leftover spray paint, fabric and metal, I redid the Walmart Bulletin Board that I picked up from the Thrift Shop. The walmart label is still on the back but the original price is missing…darn!  I hung this across from the other bulletin boards and now hubby and I have a place to hang our keys, slots for the mail or leave each other love notes!  🙂  Notice it was empty when I took this pic…:hint:hint:


I have plans for the other items but didn’t get to them all this week.  Please bookmark me if you’d like to see them later!  If you didn’t get to see some easy Halloween decor, you can check out my display here.