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Extreme Couponing Rant

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Extreme Couponing Rant

For a couple weeks now I’ve been holding in a lot of anger about the Extreme Couponing show on TLC.  In the beginning it was fun to watch and pure entertainment.  We’ve done live chats on the Facebook page and I’ve even posted my thoughts on the show.  However it has turned into a circus and viewers are taking it seriously.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it has motivated people to start using coupons.  BUT I think they feel they need to live up to the 99% savings they see on the show.  Several times in the last week, while at the store registers, the person behind me mentions, “that couponing show where they go from $1,000 to $5?”  Yes, I’ve seen it and no it’s not REALITY!  Apparently my 60% savings no longer impresses people.

1) These stores had to do special “register overrides” to allow most of those transactions to take place.  Many stores limit the # of like coupons used in one transaction, not to mention the # of line items done in one transaction.

2) Most of those stores double coupons, and most Florida stores do not double.  But here’s a surprise, there are MANY stores up north that do not double either.

3) How many times have you had the store managers & cashiers rooting you on and even smiling as they rang up your 1,000 items, 2,000 coupons and took 2 hours to do????

4) The show is bringing national attention and stores and manufacturers are taking notes.  Changes are in the works and who will it affect?  Those of us trying to save money on everyday essentials for our families, that’s who.

I have not watched the show for several weeks.  I don’t need to, the people in the stores tell me ALL about it!  Are you sick of hearing about the show or are you loving the entertainment?

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