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Easy Kids Craft Valentine’s Banner

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Easy Kids Craft Valentine’s Banner

Valentines Banner 2

If you have little’s you might want to try this Easy Kids Craft Valentine’s Banner, By Contributing writer Jessica.

My daughter asked to make a Valentine’s project, so we decided to make a heart banner to decorate our house.  We used a simple painting technique to decorate the hearts and this was a very fun family art project.


  • Assorted sheets of construction paper
  • Paint in Valentine’s colors
  • Balls (you can use any kind really – I have done this with marbles too)
  • A box or container
  • String
  • Hot glue

First, I gathered a few Valentine’s shades of construction paper and folded them all together, so I only had to cut twice.  Then I used a cookie cutter to trace my pattern and cut out the hearts.   hearts 1

Once I had the hearts cut, I laid them out in the bottom of an old box.  I tried not to let them overlap too much.  Any container will work, but I like to use a disposable one to avoid a big clean up.

hearts 2

Then, we gathered up a few balls.  I tried to find ones with texture, which lead to a really fun conversation about patterns once we started painting.  I put red, pink and purple paint on a plate and let each of my kids swirl their chosen ball in the paint. painting hearts

Once the ball was coated in paint we tossed it in the box.  When all three balls were in the box we each grabbed a side and shook and shook the box, watching the balls leave fun patterns of paint all over the hearts.   painted hearts 1

After we finished shaking I placed the hearts on wax paper to dry overnight.

painted hearts 2

This painting technique is really easy and versatile.  I have used it to decorate leaves for fall and am already planning to use it to decorate Easter eggs in the spring.   These hearts would also be cute to send as Valentine’s, but we wanted to use ours for our banner.

Once the hearts were dry, I laid them out face down and glued a string to the back and then we were ready to display our Valentine’s banner.

Valentine's Banner