Florida, U.S.A.

Easy & Frugal Halloween Decor

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Easy & Frugal Halloween Decor

I was inspired to do some decorating for the Fall & that includes Halloween.  I know many of you are thinking it’s too early for Halloween but I’m ready for the cool weather here in Florida.  If I build it, it will come?!  Here is what I did yesterday.

H1 h2

The branches are from our yard and I spray painted them black.  The container they are in is a plastic cup from a football game, also painted black.  The sign, web & spiders, crow and sculls were from the dollar store.  The kids think it’s cool and it was fun!  I have several other projects I’m working on, including a fall wreath for the door and some “Hammered” pumpkins!  I’ll post that when it’s done.  I promise it’s not what you think!  I’d love to see what you’ve created.  Post your links or pictures on our Facebook Fan page!

Final Cost: $6.00