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Dying Easter Eggs With Food Coloring

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Dying Easter Eggs With Food Coloring


With my Saving The Family Money attitude, I’ve been trying to research methods of doing things with what we have, instead of buying the overpriced stuff at the store.  So I researched dying eggs and found you can use food coloring.  Of course we have that!  We used cups I had saved from previous years and off we went.  This was a good site with great information.  We used about 1 tsp vinegar per cup, which the kids remembered from here, and turned up their noses in remembrance.  I tried tie dying a few, and they turned out great!  Here’s how you do it:

  • Moisten a paper towel and lay it on top of saran wrap.
  • Drop food coloring onto the paper towel in random order.
  • Place an egg in the center and wrap paper towel & saran wrap around it.
  • Tie off with a rubberband and let sit for a couple minutes.

I love how they turned out.  The kids enjoyed coloring on them with crayons and then dying them.

dsc05647 I also wiped the eggs with some oil aftewards to give them a nice shine. Tomorrow they will become deviled eggs!  Ok, I must to research the best recipe for that now!  Oh and clean the house for Easter…yikes. Here are the kids enjoying the fun.  Mommy put gloves on them so they wouldn’t have purple fingers in pictures tomorrow!   dsc05646