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DIY Wall Organization for Backpacks, Jackets and Bags

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DIY Wall Organization for Backpacks, Jackets and Bags

DIY Wall Organization

By Contributing writer Laura.

We all have that one spot that our kids or even adults seem to put their “stuff” right inside the front door!  Whether its my mom bags, backpacks, sports bags or jackets, there is always something that just doesn’t have its place! After looking at these items on my entry bench for months, I decided for just a little bit of money and time I could make a spot just inside my garage entry door.  I hope you like this DIY wall organization as much as I do!

Step 1: Find the perfect wall.  It doesn’t have to be very big, just enough for a few hooks.  My wall is just inside my garage entry door which is the one we use when heading out the door to leave. A laundry room may be a perfect spot also!

Step 2: Measure your space so you know how much wood you will need.  I bought 3 primed 8 foot 1X4 pieces of wood @ $7 each and have a little left.  They sell this wood at 8, 10 and even 12 feet and you may be able to save money by measuring before you head to the store so there is not as much waste.

The decision for hooks is up to you~ I chose mine from Hobby Lobby at 50% off which was $13 for all 5 hooks (3 pieces).  The number of hooks and spacing is also personal preference.

photo 1 photo 2Step 3: Cut your horizontal board to fit wall.  As you can see I wrapped mine around the corner and cut the corner board first.  If you do not have equipment to cut wood, take an exact measurement to Home Depot or Lowes and they will do it for you when you purchase the wood (this applies to the following step also)  If you need more than (1) cut, be super friendly and they normally won’t charge extra!!  Attach horizontal board to wall using finished nails.  If you can find a stud, that would be best!

Step 4: Cut your vertical board to the correct length.  Attach vertical boards to wall.  The distance between the boards is personal preference.  I used a 15 inch measurement from center to center just to have 3 boards equally spaced.

**Solution for beveled baseboards: I chose flat 1X6 baseboards when building our home knowing that at some point I wanted to add these type of boards to some of my walls.  A solution for beveled baseboards would be to cut the vertical boards at a 45 degree angle at the bottom for a smooth transition to your baseboard.  In the end, nobody will notice the bottom but this will solve the issue!

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Step 5: Use a “nail set” to countersink the nails.  These are available at your home improvement stores for a couple of dollars.  Fill nail holes with filler.  Caulk edges of boards if you choose.  Sand filler once it is dry.

Step 6: Paint the boards and wall the color of your trim in your home.  This could also be painted a different color, stained or whatever look you are going for.  You could also do a rustic, weathered look and use weathered wood or stained wood to look weathered and black screws that are left exposed~ lots of possibilities.

photo 1 photo 2

Step 7: Hang your hooks!  This can be a pain, especially the hooks like the ones I bought that have a hidden “hook hanger”.  Think about this when purchasing your hooks 🙂  Patience is a virtue when hanging these type but I love the end result!

photo 3 photo 4