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DIY Photo Wall Decor for Interchangeable Photos

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DIY Photo Wall Decor for Interchangeable Photos

DIY Photo Wall Decor

By Contributing writer Laura.

DIY Photo Wall Decor ~ Its EVERYWHERE!!  From chicken wire, to rope, to hooks and clothespins~ seems like the hot trend is interchangeable display items for the wall.  I LOVE this idea!  I have had (2) items laying around the house knowing they were perfect for a project and I finally found the perfect use for them (my husband just LOVES when I collect project items with no immediate intention~well maybe not so much!)

The first item is an old frame I purchased at a yard sale for $5.  It was gold and a little too fancy for my taste…but I knew it was worth $5!

The second is an old window frame.  The glass was missing when I bought it.  I found it on Craiglist from a man out in the country who has had it for YEARS in his barn and I purchased 2 matching window frames for $20.

Whatever you have or whatever you can find at a yard sale, Craigslist or wherever you may find things like this~ let your imagination run wild!  These items would cost a fortune if purchased at a retail shop.  Lets get on with crafting….

Supplies: An old frame of any size, Chicken Wire (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby), Staple Gun, Needle Nose Pliers.  Once project is complete you will need clothespins.  Small or Large will work fine~ they have super cute ones at craft stores! For smaller projects there is smaller poultry wire available online.

Step 1: Take your frame and paint it whatever color you choose.  This item will not be getting much wear and tear so acrylic paint or any other paint you have would work great.  Let paint dry completely. You can distress the edges for a shabby chic look if you choose!


photo 1 photo 2

Step 2: This step is time consuming and tedious.  Make sure you have PLENTY of staples in a staple gun and press firmly so the staple is secure.  You do not want the chicken wire to loosen with a staple that is too loose.  Start with one end and staple as you go, pulling the wire tightly. Trim wire as needed.  If possible, staple wire under any lip in frame so it does not touch the wall.  Be careful with sharp edges.  Be patient~ the end result is worth the time and effort.

Adding Chicken Wire securing wire to frame cutting chicken wire Chicken wire


Step 3: Hang on Wall!  What a great place to display pictures that wouldn’t necessarily work well in a permanent frame.  Have fun~

DIY Photo Wall Decor

Second Project: Very similar but I chose to use rope netting to create a coastal, rustic look.  My plan is to remove my personal pictures for the holiday and use this to display my Christmas Cards.  That is what makes these projects so exciting to me~ you can change them out and hang anything that you want to display!  I hope this craft gives you an idea for this holiday season~ gift idea, home decor or a fabulous way to display Christmas cards.  I hope you have a Blessed Holiday Season!Rope frame securing rope to frame
Finished Coastal frame Window Coastal Picture Frame

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