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DIY Photo Transfer Home Decor Or Great Gifts!

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DIY Photo Transfer Home Decor Or Great Gifts!

DIY Photo Transfer Home DecorBy Contributing writer Laura.photo 4Customizing items in your home is such a great way to display an item not easily found in a retail store!  DIY photo transfer home decor is super easy with this tutorial.  I’ve been wanting to make my own pillows for a while but when I found the enormous selection of super cute pillow cases at Hobby Lobby I knew the cost would be worth the effort.  The store bought pillow cases range from $5-$15 and with a sale or coupon you can get these for up to half that price! This project really opened my eyes to so many ideas, especially gift ideas for the new year.  Imagine a loved one receiving a special picture of the family printed on a pillow or piece of clothing OR a letter/recipe passed down through generations making it on a dishtowel.  So many possibilities, so little time!!  So here we go….photo 1SUPPLIES NEEDED: Pillow Case, Transfer Paper, Iron/Iron pad or board, Ink Jet Printer and Computer

Step 1: Purchase or make your own pillow case.  You may have one around the house that is plain that would be PERFECT for this project.  THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX…what about a regular pillow case, a tote, a shirt or sweatshirt….oh the possibilities!! This pictures shows the colors of the burlap edge pillow case that are available at Hobby Lobby but they have many, many more just waiting to be customized with an image or a monogram.photo 2

photo 3Step 2: Find your clip art.  I prefer GraphicsFairy as they are free and trustworthy.  Keep in mind that some images MAY need to be reversed or mirrored so if you choose one with lettering or that only makes sense the way it is shown, make sure you have a program to print it backwards.  I have not taken the time to do this so I chose a picture that could be printed either way 🙂

Step 3: Print clip art onto transfer paper.  If you choose the Lesley Riley’s TAP Transfer Artist Paper as I did, make sure it prints on white side NOT purple!  I like the idea of this paper because you could have your child draw a picture and put it on an item for a gift (apron, tote, etc.).

Step 4: Trim clip art. The closer you trim, the better.


IMG_4149Step 5: Place transfer paper on pillow case.  Iron with HOT iron and press firmly.

Step 6: While transfer is still hot/warm, peel backing from transfer.  If you find a spot that does not peel easily, iron just a bit more and it should release keeping in mind that the rest of the paper needs to be removed as quickly as possible before fabric cools.


photo 2

photo 3
My creative juices are flowing now with all the possibilities~I hope yours are flowing too!!  I found the graphics fairy site to be super informative and full of great ideas.  Hope you have the perfect item in mind for personalization!  Get creative and Have fun!!!