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DIY Personalized Glassware – Gift Idea

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DIY Personalized Glassware – Gift Idea

DIY Personalized Glassware

By Contributing writer Laura.

FullSizeRenderThis has to be one of my favorite crafts, especially as a mom to all girls!  Recently I took my 8th grader on a cruise, joined by her closest friends and all their moms.  I wanted to get a small gift for all the girls but didn’t want to spend a fortune.  I pictured us meeting at the port and wanting to toast~ moms with champagne and girls with sparking grape juice!  I saw a version of this online and decided to create my own twist.  These glasses cost me $1.50 each for the glass and a small amount for the glitter paint and stickers.  What a GREAT idea for little or big girls parties, hostess gifts or any other occasion~ even weddings!

Supplies Needed:

~a glass~ think outside the box.  From champagne to pilsner to wine to goblets to vases to candle holders~ so many choices!!

~stickers~so many choices of fonts!  Color doesn’t matter because you are simply using the sticker as a stencil. As you will see in the final pictures, I used Uppercase on the “SUSI” glass and Upper and Lowercase on the “Carson” glass.  This was simply because we had a few longer names that would not fit with all uppercase letters.  ALL lowercase would be super cute too!

~Martha Stewart Glass Paint Fine Glitter Translucent.  I purchased mine from Michaels for $3.99 but it was buy one-get one 50% off so I bought a silver and a gold for $6.  You can probably make a few dozen glasses with one bottle!

~a pouncer or a foam paint brush.

~masking tape.  I have seen a post that used painters tape but masking tape worked fine for me.


Step 1.  Starting with a clean glass, place letters on glass~ if it is a drinking glass, make sure you place the name far enough down to avoid the glitter being placed where lips belong!

Step 2. Frame the name with masking tape.  This is not extremely easy as glasses are tapered and not a flat surface.  In the end it is not going to really matter if you have achieved a perfect line but it is easy to adjust the tape to get it as perfect as possible!

FullSizeRenderStep 3:  With a pouncer or foam brush, place a thin layer of glitter paint over letters but within the tape lines.  Repeat this step every 3-4 minutes ending with 5 layers.  Make sure the glitter paint is as even as possible to avoid clumps.

FullSizeRenderStep 4: While glitter paint is still wet, remove the tape and letter stickers.  If you allow the glitter paint to dry, the paint/stickers may remove some of the paint from the glass.  This is the tedious part of this project.  Be careful not to smear the wet glitter paint while removing the letters, especially any “dots on an i”…those suckers are hard to remove!!  I personally use a tool I have for my Cricut but a toothpick or straight pin will work just as well.

FullSizeRenderStep 5: The above picture shows what the glass will look like immediately after removing the tape and stickers.  I like to tie a coordinating ribbon on the stem of champagne glass~ a few cents in ribbon ups the WOW factor on this craft!!

As stated on the bottle of glitter paint, these glasses require a 21 day curing process.  They do not recommend baking them and I have yet to try it.  I realize this is hard for a last minute gift BUT just make sure you include a note with instructions to hand wash the glass BUT to wait XX amount of days before washing, based on when you make it and when you present it! (I did run one through the dishwasher, as stated on the bottle, and it completely removed the glitter!) I think most recipients would know that this should be a hand wash only item but a little reminder would be great!

These last few pictures are of the finished product, including the one I made for my daughter for the cruise. The girls on the cruise LOVED their glasses and what a great souvenir!   I LOVE the gold just as much as the silver~ maybe even more!! I also attended a DOUBLE DIGIT (10) birthday party last week and literally made the “BRIANNA” glass an hour before heading out the door, holding it to my vehicles a/c vent the whole way to the party!

I hope I have inspired you with all the possibilites with this glitter paint!  A personalized gift is always a hit and can be a fraction of the cost of a store bought gift that they may or may not ever use!!




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