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DIY Learning Games For Preschoolers

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DIY Learning Games For Preschoolers

DIY Learning Games For Preschoolers

By Contributing writer Jessica.

My daughter has become obsessed with look and find books, so I decided to use some household items to DIY a few similar games for her.

ipsy bag closeup

Can you feel?

This was so easy to make!  I covered an old oatmeal can in contact paper.  Then, I used a foam sheet to cut a lid for the can.  I made some slits in the foam so that she could stick her hand into the can.  Then, I just hot glued the lid onto the can, glued a ribbon around the seam, and filled it with small objects from around the house.   This could easily be adapted to work with any container.

The point of this activity is to use your sense of touch, practice using adjectives to describe, and increasing vocabulary by learning new words.  The objects stay in the can and she uses her sense of touch to play.

These are some of the questions I asked, and they can be changed up based on what is in the can:

  • Can you find something soft?
  • Can you find something hard?
  • Can you find something smooth?
  • Can you find something rough?
  • Can you find something round?
  • Can you find something large? big?
  • Can you find something tiny?  small?
  • Can you find something fluffy?

Non-example questions can also be asked with older children to stretch their thinking and encourage conversation, such as: can you find something green?  Can you find something with a word on it?


Can you see?

This is another easy and fun game to put together.  I used polly pellets from the craft store to hide the objects.  The polly pellets are nontoxic, and I supervise the play, but rice would also have the same affect.  Another option is to use cheap hair gel to cover the objects.  When my daughter was very little, I did something similar by adding small objects to a bottle of water and gluing the lid on.

To make these bags just add small plastic objects and then cover with either pellets or rice.  I used freezer bags and reinforced the seams with duct tape.   I am going to make a spelling bag next with abc magnets.

We play with these a variety of ways.  I ask her to find a certain color or object, we play I spy, she describes what she sees, or sometimes we use what we see in the bag to make a story.

DSC05879 (2)

We have so much fun playing these learning games together!

*These activities are meant to be played with an adult and would not be safe for children to handle unsupervised.