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DIY Fashion Jewelry Organizer

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DIY Fashion Jewelry Organizer

DIY Fashion Jewelry Organizer

By Contributing writer Laura.

My new obsession is these trendy wire bracelets~ whether Jacksonville’s own Ellie’s Sparkles or Bourbon & Bowties, I just can’t get enough.  To me there is nothing better than visiting the Nocatee Farmers Market and stocking up on this fabulous arm candy.  Soon after stocking up I realized there was a dilemma….where to keep them!?!?  I have seen this cute board idea at my favorite retail shops but the cute knobs are not always my style AND the knobs would not allow a bracelet to hang because they do not have a big enough gap between board and knob.  Whats the solution???…so glad you asked.




A piece of board~  Doesn’t have to be fancy or even new.  I measured my space and happened to have a board that needed just a little trimming.

Knobs~ I like the rule of odd number so I chose 5.  My space allowed for a board that only 5 made sense, 7 would have been too crowded. I actually took my bracelets off at Hobby Lobby to make sure there was enough of a “hang” when committing to the knobs.

Drill with a drill bit large enough for knob screw to fit in and a larger one to indent the back of the board.


Picture Hanger~ something to put on back of board to hang on wall


Step 1:  Measure your space, decide on the length, width and depth of the board you choose to use.  Either purchase the wood or find a piece on the side of the road~ sometimes those are the best finds!

Step 2:  Measure the distance between knobs.  I chose to mark the center one and measure out so they are all spaced the same.  It really is all up to you!

Step 3:  Drill holes.  Make sure your drill bit is large enough for the screw that comes with the knob(s).



Step 4:  Take a larger drill bit and drill the back of the hole about half the depth of the board so the nut can be flush.  Be careful not to drill too far.IMG_3733

Step 5:  Paint your board. You choose the color.  You can stain it, paint it, distress it, wax it~ whatever floats your boat!


IMG_3726 IMG_3727


Step 6:  Add your knobs to the board~ you choose the order.  Its a little tricky but screw the nut all the way in so it is flush so the board can sit right up against the wall.


Step 7:  With a hand saw, dremel tool or whatever you can find, saw the entra length off the screw.  This is the hardest part of the project but since my hubby got a new dremel tool out of it, he was happy to comply with my wishes 🙂

Step 8:  Hang your choice in picture hangars on back and hang on wall.


As you can see, I hung mine near a jewelry organizer I bought 50% off from Hobby Lobby.  My goal was for them to go together which is represented in my choice of paint color.  As you can also see, its time to go buy more jewelry and fill this up!

Since ALL but one of my bracelets are from Ellie’s Sparkles,  they offered a discount for anyone who loves these bracelets as much as I do.  I am not making money for giving them a shout out, their products speak for themselves~ the code is STFM and it’s 20% off for the month of August!

I hope I have your creative juices flowing!  Fun, easy, inexpensive project that will keep you organized!