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DIY Fall Banner – Simple, Thrifty and Versatile

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DIY Fall Banner – Simple, Thrifty and Versatile

DIY Fall Banner

By Contributing writer Laura.

This DIY Fall banner can quickly be changed for other holidays! I LOVE the idea of pinning the leaves on the burlap and being able to change them to hearts for Valentines Day, Clovers for St. Patricks Day or whatever holiday you choose!


  • Burlap Banner- Michaels sells pre-cut banners available in burlap and canvas, string included!
  • Leaves- artificial or dried
  • Pins- stick pins are great, safety pins used in the back would also work if there is a safety concern around small children
  • Eyelets- I invested in a tool since I plan to use eyelets more in my crafts.  The tool was $9.99 but I used a coupon!!
  • Paint-My favorite way to draw letters is tracing chipboard.  The chipboard I buy is available at Hobby Lobby.

Step 1: Poke a small hole in both corners of the banner.  Burlap stretches easily so make sure its not too big.  Please eyelet in hole and simply tap the back of the eyelet with the eyelet tool with a hammer to close.  SUPER EASY!!!

Step 2: Paint letters on the banner~ freehand, stencil, tracing chipboard…however you choose!  I suggest buying 2 packs of the banners so you can pre-make words such as “LOVE”, “MERRY”, “NOEL” etc. for future holidays.  You will simply remove the leaves and add items for other holidays and change out the word.  You may prefer not to use words at all!

Step 3: Pin leaves to banner.  If a straight pin is a safety concern, pinning the back with a safety pin allows you to change out the leaves for other holidays.

Step 4: String the banner.  I chose to go in the front so the string doesn’t show on top but its up to you!

How simple, inexpensive and versatile!  I hope you love this banner as much as I do!  I smile when I look at this banner on my fireplace mantle knowing that I made it with very little effort or cost.


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Making eyelet hole

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