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DIY Children’s Art Display With Cabinet Doors

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DIY Children’s Art Display With Cabinet Doors

DIY Children's Art Display With Cabinet Doors

By Contributing writer Jessica.

I’m working on transforming a small nook into a play area for my kids and wanted a way to display their art on the wall.  When we traded out our medicine cabinets for new ones we saved the cabinet doors because they looked just like frames and would be perfect for something one day.  I found the cabinet doors in the garage and decided to turn them into a display for the kids’ art.

Here are the cabinet doors ready to be lightly sanded and wiped down for the children’s art display.

Cabinet doors before

After cleaning them up, they got a quick coat of spray paint.  I had already painted one of the doors but I didn’t prime the other two.  Next time I would prime them all first because the one that was primed didn’t show as much of the wood grain.

painted cabinet doors

Walmart had a two dollar package of sawtooth mounts that hammer into the back of each door so that they can be hung on the wall.  The cabinets were pretty solid, so it took a bit of hammering to get them in but now they feel very secure.  Then each door got a clip glued to the center to hold the art.  These are magnetic clips I already had.  Since I’m not planning on hanging anything heavy, I just used hot glue.

The hardest part of the entire project was hanging them level on the wall.

finished cabinets

I wanted to hang an art quote, so I typed up one of my favorites.  You can download the printable art quote here if you’d like.

Art Quote Printable