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DIY Centerpiece Box For All Seasons and Holidays

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DIY Centerpiece Box For All Seasons and Holidays

DIY Centerpiece Box

By Contributing writer Laura.

If you follow my posts, its pretty clear that I LOVE working with wood.  The problem is that I cannot see something in a store without thinking…”I can make that!”.  Granted some things at stores are priced so low you could not even make it for what you can buy it for.  I have found that even if I am not saving money on a DIY, the pride I have that I made it with my own hands is usually worth the effort.  The pride in telling a friend I made it when they ask where I bought it is PRICELESS!

For this project, I wanted a simple box.  I have a 3X6 table and I have never found anything quite the right size to put in the middle.  I wanted something you can see over when talking to family or friends, something I wouldn’t necessarily have to move especially since we usually “fix our plates” in the kitchen.  This was my solution.  Off to the wood pile I went….




Supplies Needed:


~A saw OR have your home improvement store cut the wood for you

~Drill and drill bit


~Stain and Foam Paintbrush

~(2) draw pulls or knobs (optional)

~measuring tape



Step 1: Find the wood you want to use.   The wood on the bottom is the biggest decision.  It determines how wide the box will be.  I wanted a wide box that would not get lost on my table.

As you can see, the weathered wood that I used for the sides still had sand on it.  When we built our house we had the workers throw any extra wood in a pile…and I have really made a dent in that pile.  I wanted my box to be pretty shallow in order to display items without breaking the bank to fill it.  Again, its your choice and preference!


Step 2:  Determine the length of your box by measuring the bottom piece.  Measure the side pieces to make sure you cut them or have them cut to where they are flush for a clean finish.

Cut the wood.





Step 3:  Place the side and end wood to form the end corner of the box and secure with a screw.  I ALWAYS pre-drill a hole on wood projects so the wood does not split or crack.  Two drills work best but since I have only ONE, I take the bits in and out…in the end its worth that step. Work your way around the box.

Step 4:  Secure the bottom piece by placing screws along bottom. Your box is now complete~super easy!




Step 5:  Stain or Paint the box.  I chose Minwax stain.  I buy the cheap plastic food gloves at Sams for stain projects~ its hard to get stain out of skin and nails!  Simply brush on the stain and wipe it down to remove excess.  I used a Viva paper towel on this because their advertising is true~one of the few household items I NEVER cheat on 🙂  Stain the bottom also.


Step 6: Determine the height of your drawer pulls (if you choose to use one) and drill holes.  IMG_4633 IMG_4635 Centerpiece

Project complete!  I have not played around with my display as it is a “little” early for fall decorating but you get the idea.  From hearts for Valentines Day, Shells for a Coastal Decor, Christmas Decor, or whatever you choose~so many possibilities.  I have even flipped the box over and used it as a display for a centerpiece.

My favorite season is FALL and as I was pulling out my fall decor the 1st week of August my husband commented “It’s still 90 degrees outside”!! I figure if stores can have holiday displays already I can get a pass on bringing my favorite season into our home just a little early!!

Happy Fall Ya’ll!!