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Cute and Easy MP3 Car Holder

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Cute and Easy MP3 Car Holder

I saw this in Family Fun magazine this month and had to try it.

Kind of strange until you notice how brilliant this idea really is. The bottom of it is a pocket that holds MP3 players or other devices and hooks around the seat belt. (see the MP3 player peeking out of the black shirt?)

Here they are on the belt.









Ok, so now that you agree these are cool, here’s how to do it:

  • In honor of Earth day we took some old socks, but you could use fabric from anything to make a rectangle.
  • On the back side we attached velcro to close it.
  • For the front, I took out the box of fabric scraps and told them to go crazy.
  • I added the shirts (the extra big part of felt under the faces: one is black with a peace sign and one is purple with buttons)  to make a pocket. (the ones in the magazine article used the mouth of the monster for the  MP3 holder but, it made the ones we designed look weird).
  • Velcro them together around the belt.