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Coastal Christmas DIY NOEL

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Coastal Christmas DIY NOEL

Coastal Christmas DIY NOELBy Contributing writer Laura.

This Coastal Christmas DIY NOEL is a super easy craft that you can do this weekend.

Supplies~ Wood Letters~an N, E and L. ~Your choice of font and size.  A small wreath that is proportionate to your letters.  Jute rope (or yarn).  Hot Glue Gun and Glue.  White paint (or whichever color you choose and paintbrush.  Stain~ if you want to distress edges of E.


1. Make sure you plug in/turn on glue gun so its nice and hot!

2. Paint the “E” (you can change up which letter you wrap, paint, even decoupaging a letter with craft paper would be awesome.) If your display spot will show back of letter make sure you paint both sides.  Let dry while moving on to Step 3.

3. Wrap letters with jute rope.  You can do this with rope ribbon, yarn, anything that floats your boat!! Prepare to lose a few fingerprints with the hot glue but be as careful as you can.  Its important to make sure the rope is tight and pressed into the glue as it dries fast!

4. Once “E” is dry, sand edges if you like the distressed look like I do!  You can use a marker or stain to distress them even more.

As you can see below, you can display this new decoration in several ways.  Whether leaned up against the wall on top of a mantle, hot glued to rope as a banner (as pictured) or however you choose~ this is a inexpensive way to add a little “NOEL” to your holiday season.  Of course JOY~ MERRY~ SANTA would all be super cute too!!
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