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Christmas Crafts For Kids ~ Foldable Wooden Christmas Tree

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Christmas Crafts For Kids ~ Foldable Wooden Christmas Tree

Foldable Christmas Tree

My brother in law will be deployed overseas for Christmas this year.  His living quarters are too small for a Christmas tree but my sister wanted him to have something to remind him of home and make the space feel loved.  She made him a Christmas tree that he can hang on the wall and the best part is that it’s foldable so it can easily be transported or shipped.

She started with a piece of wood that she drew a Christmas tree on, including the star on top.  It’s about 3 feet tall.  She then used a Jig Saw to cut out the tree.  (Obviously this is the part for an adult to do with safety in mind, including eye protection)  She cut the tree into 3 pieces and used hinges on the back to secure them together.  This is so it can easily be folded for transportation.  On the front for decoration she used several shades of tissue paper and applied with glitter glue for extra sparkle.  She used family pictures for ornaments and some jewels for sparkle.  She outlined the tree and ornaments with glow in the dark paint!  So when the lights are out in his room, he can still see the tree outline and ornaments.  It really is beautiful and such a thoughtful gift.  She also wrote a special message on the back from her and the boys.

Foldable Christmas Tree Military

You could do so many different decorations with this.  Her 3 year old twin boys had a blast helping with the tissue paper.   This is perfect for a family member deployed overseas, a grandparent in a nursing home or a college student in a dorm.

Get started on your own today!  I might even do one with my kids for their rooms.

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