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Black Friday Tips 2015 Update

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Black Friday Tips 2015 Update

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Welcome First Coast Living viewers!  

Black Friday can be a lot of fun if you are prepared, and have a great attitude.   Check out my previous post Tips on How to Survive Black Friday for more detailed tips.

Here are some updated tips for 2015:

Look at the ads and compare prices but be sure to compare the specs of items.  Some maybe last years model, hence the lower price.  Or if it’s a laptop, may have less features etc.

Check store hours and doorbuster deals and be aware that these maybe non branded items and possibly not a deal at all.  There are limited number of items available and often times sell out quickly.

Some stores offer coupons or gift cards to first X# of customers in the door.  This is to entice you to come shop with them first.  In all honesty, it maybe worth it, but be aware that these are often limited as well.  Don’t plan to shop there in the hopes YOU will be the one to win the $500 gift card.  But Yay for you if you do. 🙂

Shop with a partner or group and divide and conquer.  Hubby and I usually go together and one of us stays with the cart while the other maneuvers down aisle for items on our list.  The one with the cart can also check endcaps and store displays for item on your list.

Head straight for Items on your MUST have list.  If you aren’t familiar with the store, check online and see if the location has a store map, or check the stores phone app for a map of the store.  This will reduce your time in looking for the item on your list if you can head straight for the section.

Walmart has a 1-hour Price Guarantee on a few item in the Black Friday ad this year.  This is for IN STORE only.  If the store opens at 6pm and the item listed in the 1-hour guarantee is sold out within the hour, get in the 1-hour guarantee.  The other items in the Walmart Black Friday ad will be available online Thanksgiving day!

Target online deals from the ad will also begin Thanksgiving day with free standard shipping through Dec 25th.  Some items might have a shipping charge if they are large or heavy items.

Be aware that normal price matching or price adjustments are not valid on Black Friday.

SHOP ONLINE – Many other stores besides Walmart and Target are also offering online prices that match the in store ad prices.  (Utilize Coupon Codes, cash back sites and free shipping).

Amazon also does a lot of price matching, so check them often for price drops.  Lightning deals on Amazon are a great way to score some rock bottom prices.  Be sure to read my post about joining the waitlist if lightning deals go too fast.

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Happy Savings!