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Are you an Extreme Couponer? Great Article

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Are you an Extreme Couponer? Great Article

My friend Shannon mailed me an article from The Wall Street Journal,Hard Times Turn Coupon Clipping Into the Newest Extreme Sport. I found this statement very interesting:

Fueling the increase isn’t the general populace but heavy coupon users, people who redeem 104 or more coupons over six months, according to an August report by The Nielsen Co. These users tend to be females under the age of 54 with college degrees and household incomes above $70,000, Nielsen says.

I’ve never actually counted the number of coupons I use in a month, but I think I’m going to start, at least for curiosity sake. I’ve always said, it doesn’t matter if you are a millionaire, why wouldn’t you want to save money on everyday items for your family.

On a sad note, but a very good point.  The woman at the end of the story bought a 6 month supply of dog food, only to find out her dog, cat and deer that come near her house, would NOT eat it.  I am the first to jump on a great deal, but if it’s a product we have never tried, I will not stock up on it.  When I first started coupon shopping, to the extreme, 🙂 I got a really good deal on several boxes of dog biscuits, and a short time later our dog passed away.  Obviously, this is something you cannot predict, but it made me think twice about buying an extreme amount of products at once.  If you miss one deal, another will eventually come along.  This was a nice article and worth the read.

Do you consider yourself an extreme couponer?  I’d love to hear your coupon stories!