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April Fools Day Pranks {for kids}

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April Fools Day Pranks {for kids}

April Fools Day is always a fun day for kids and adults to play jokes on each other. I have found several that are so easy kids can do them..so you might need to keep an eye out from your kids this week.

By Contributing writer Beth Anne.

April Fools Day Collage

Every computer owners WORST nightmare is spilling milk on their keyboard. Trick a friend or co-worker with this fake “spilled milk.”

Find some food coloring and create blue water in your sink. This will shock everyone!

You can really gross your friends and parents with this fake dog poop made out of glue.

Head to the dollar store and buy fake bugs and other insects and put them in peoples shoes, lunches, and food.

Make your parents “breakfast in bed” like frozen cereal, jello juice, and eggs that are really yogurt.

Fill someones shoes with beads or other random objects you have laying around.

You can really confuse people by putting mini marshmallows  on your bush branches for an interesting conversation about growing marshmallows.

Really make your parents look like a giant by feeding them a tiny meal.

Instead of pranks just become a jokester for the day and tell jokes all day long.

Do your parents or someone you know need to take a chill pill? Create this jar of ‘chill pills” as a gag gift for your friends and family on April Fools Day.