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Alternative Uses For K-Y Jelly

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Alternative Uses For K-Y Jelly

When I met Kim at The Savvyblogging Summit in July 2010, we had a conversation about posts that have been really popular on our sites.  Kim said the posts she does on alternative uses for products is always a hit.  Why not have a stockpile of freebies that are multifunctional!  Brilliant!  So we started discussing alternative uses for Maxi Pads and I had visions of sticking them to my kids feet so they could slide around the house and ‘dust’ the wood floors!  Then the vision of my husband coming home and this made me want to do it that much more!

I asked Kim to Guest Post for me while I’m out of town and I think you’ll enjoy these Alternative uses for K-Y Jelly.

Guest Post by Kim from The Coupon High:

Did you know that you can get K-Y Jelly free at Walmart if you have the right coupon? The 2 oz container is priced at $2.59 and occasionally they have high value coupons, making it super cheap or free.

Many people are under the impression that K-Y Jelly is strictly for bedroom or medical activities, but there are a lot of other uses. Below are 7 uses for K-Y Jelly that you might not know about:

  1. Remove Tight or Stuck-on Rings – Just place a dab of it on your finger right by the ring. Then, work it underneath the ring until it easily slides off your finger.
  2. Lipgloss – If you have chapped lips, try some K-Y Jelly.
  3. Lubricate Sticky Zippers – If your zipper has ever gotten stuck on your coat, you know what a pain it is. Just put a dab of K-Y Jelly inside the slider part. Then, slowly move the slider up the length of the zipper, and back down again. The zipper should now glide easily and no more frustrations.
  4. Loosen Stick Price Tags and Product Labels – No need to buy Goo Gone, just use K-Y. Cover the tag or label with a light layer of the lubricant and let it set for a few minutes. Then peel it right off.
  5. Untangle Knotted Jewelry Chains – Do you thing your necklace is ruined because it has so many knots? Simply place a dab of K-Y directly on the knot. Then, gently roll it around between your finger and thumb until it loosen up and you can pull the knot apart. The free K-Y jelly may have just saved your expensive necklace.
  6. Shine your Patent Leather – Although it is recommended to use petroleum jelly or special patent leather cleaning product, you can also use K-Y jelly. A dab of K-Y and a soft cloth can clean and shine your shoes, bags or any patent leather item you might have.
  7. Lubricate a Fishing Rod Reel – Part of maintaining your fishing rod is to keep it properly lubricated. Applying a light oil like K-Y Jelly to the working inner parts like the gears, shafts, roller, hinges, and switches will help keep them working smoothly. It will also extend the life of the parts and save you from having to buy a new fishing rod. It won’t damage plastic or nylon gears either.

So stock up on free or money making K-Y Jelly. It will save you money because you won’t have to buy new jewelry or fishing rods or specialty products such as Goo Gone and patent leather cleaner.

Kim is a wife and mother and enjoys sharing the deals with you at The Coupon High.

Here are some coupons I found if you need them!
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