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After Holiday Sale Shopping – Boot Camp Episode #2

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After Holiday Sale Shopping – Boot Camp Episode #2

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In an effort to save your family money, you will want to start  holiday clearance shopping!  Shopping the holiday clearance is the best way to get items you’ll need next year, at a reduced price.  Last year I bought a nativity scene, ornaments and ribbons for a great price.  I also got the cute infant shoes that I gave away this season.  For some you may just need wrapping paper or ribbon.  I knew I needed a few sets of Christmas lights for next year.  Some went bad this year so we just made due.  I scored several boxes at 50% off at Target the day after Christmas. I could have waited till they were 90% off but I knew we needed them and didn’t want to take the chance of them being gone.  I will go back to see what they mark at 90% off.  Be sure to think outside the box.  Last year I scored extension cords and timers that I can use year round.  They were labeled Christmas so I got them at 90% off!  You can also look for red or green items.  I also went to Bealls and bought some Christmas presents for next year.  They had 70% off Holiday stuff and I found a few nice things, plus I had a $10 off $50 purchase.    They had red and green solid tank tops for 70% off also.  Just look around and use your imagination.

I  recommend starting to shop all clearance now.  In every store I go into, I make a beeline for the clearance section.  When Target marks down toys, it’s a good time to stock up your gift closet.  It’s nice when the kids are invited to a birthday party and you can just pick something out of the closet instead of stressing over what to get and spending full price.  Saving money doesn’t mean doing without, it just means being organized and planning ahead.  Did you get any great deals on clearance items?

Don’t just think Christmas clearance.  Keep in mind it’s good to shop after Easter, 4th of July and more!

Have you scored any great items at after holiday clearance?