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A Seinfeld Episode Kind of Day

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A Seinfeld Episode Kind of Day

My husband says I’ve had a Seinfeld kind of day and I’ve entertain him and his co-workers. I’m glad I could give them some entertainment this Wednesday.

It all started on Saturday when I flew to Charlotte, NC for a conference. I got to the car rental place, handed them my license and they said it was expired and couldn’t rent me a vehicle.  Of course I had no clue that my drivers license expired on my 40th Birthday.  Since then I’ve flown to Indiana and back and North Carolina.  TSA never noticed, or maybe they don’t care?  I looked up on the site and it never really says “valid” id.  But it does say they have other ways of “validating your identity” which in and of itself is scary.  I contemplated having hubby overnight my passport so I was sure to get home.

I flew back to Jacksonville last night around 10pm and didn’t have any problems at security.  Today I headed to the DMV to renew my license.  I did see on the website that I’d have to pay a late fee.  Do you all know when your license expires?  I never look at it and it’s been 6 years since I had it done last.  GO LOOK right now and put it on your calendar b/c they don’t mail you any kind of notification.

Here is basically how the rest of the day went.

  • Get to DMV only to be told I don’t have all the proof of identity paperwork I need.  New law in 2010 requires more
  • Go home and pick up forms.  Pretty much everything! Including my marriage license.
  • Get back to DMV and wait 40 min for my turn
  • Then they tell me they can’t verify my social security card b/c it’s still under my maiden name, even though my maiden name is on EVERY other form I have including my passport.
  • Then hand me a paper ‘extending’ my drivers license and sent me to the social security office.
  • Drive 30 min to SS office
  • Get a number and then realize they close at noon and I JUST barely made it in before they locked the doors and started turning people away.


  • Sit in a crowded room next to a few people with BO and too much perfume (just being honest).  Commence headache.
  • Wait for 1+ hour before my number is called.
  • Hand the agent my paperwork and he asks me for my license.
  • 5 min later he says, “Oh you tried to pull one over on me”.  At this point I’m confused.  He sees my passport sitting on counter and say, “your license is expired, but I can use your passport”.  Uh ok.  So then I get to thinking and ask him, “What happens if I didn’t have a passport?  Because the DMV won’t give me a new license until I get a new SS card from you.”  He then says, “I don’t know, I can’t answer for the DMV”.  I can’t make this stuff up folks.
  • I’m just glad I had my passport and we could move along.
  • 4 hours later, I still don’t have my new license, but my ss is updated.

Look, I get it, things have changed since 9/11.  I was married 18+ years ago and as I remember it, was told I did not need to change my ss card as long as I kept my maiden name as my middle name.

I am now ready for Thursday.  Please and thank you. 🙂