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8 Ways To Save Money On Halloween Candy

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8 Ways To Save Money On Halloween Candy

8 Ways to save money on halloween candy

Halloween candy can take a bite out of your October budget, but I have some nice tips to help you stay on track and save money on Halloween candy.

  1. Shop with coupons like you do with anything else.  Remember to start early to create your Halloween candy “stockpile” and take advantage of store sales while matching coupons.  Buying several smaller packages with a coupons may be more economical than buying a bulk package.
  2. Consider non-candy items like spider rings, glow stick bracelets, plastic stamps, or foam airplane gliders. The Mini Bouncing Balls are always a hit in my family.
  3. If you do decide to wait, or just forget and it’s the day before or even the day of Halloween, check your local stores for markdowns.  You may get lucky and they could already be marked down.
  4. Stick to non-chocolate candy items.  They tend to be less expensive.
  5. Check out the Dollar store pricing on bags of candy or even party favors. These can sometimes be cheaper than buying them at the grocery store or drug store.
  6. Take advantage of your coupons with drug store incentives like CVS’s ECB deals or Walgreens Register Rewards.
  7. Hand the candy out yourself.  If you let the trick or treaters grab into the bowl, then you’ll likely go through it faster.  If you live in a neighborhood full of kids like I do, I often see people leave a bowl out.  You know the unsupervised teens pour the whole thing in their bags, leaving none for the little monsters.
  8. You could give out Walnuts from your tree, like my kids got one year.  Or, just turn off all your house lights so you won’t get trick or treaters.  🙂

If you have leftover candy, consider donating it to a school.  They use these for treasure box items and incentives.