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6 Ways To Save Money on Kindle Books

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6 Ways To Save Money on Kindle Books

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My entire family loves reading kindle books but buying them all the time can break the budget.  I thought I’d share some of our tips to save money on Kindle books.

6 Ways to save money on Kindle books

You don’t need to own a Kindle device to enjoy Kindle books.  Read on your Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows 8 PC or tablet, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone. Buy once, read everywhere.

Check out all the Free classics you can start with or the top 100 free best sellers.  Watch the Kindle Daily Deals and snag books when you see the price drop.

Share an account with a friend. There is no limit to how many devices you can have on your account. The only limit you have to worry about is the limit to how many times a book can be downloaded at the same time (default is 6 per book).  We share an account with my in laws and my sister in law.  So if I download a book for my kids, their cousins can also read it.  Or if I download a book for my self, my sister in law can also read it on her device.  My husband and I read the same books all the time.

Check your local library to see if they have the software and offer e-books. If so, you can usually borrow ebooks for the same amount of time you can check out regular books.

If you are a prime member you can use the Amazon Lending Library with no due dates.  Books can only be borrowed and read on Kindle devices (works with all Kindle generations). This might be an issue if you share an account with several people, so keep that in mind.

Look for newsletter and other offers from Amazon. Here is a current deal for a free teen book.

Do you have any tips for saving money on Kindle books?