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5 Ways To Fail At Couponing

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5 Ways To Fail At Couponing

Shopping cart full with dairy grocery products isolated over white backgroundI’ve heard so many people say they starting couponing and it just didn’t work.  I’m one of those people.  Years ago when I first became a stay at home mom we tried to cut back on our budget.  Couponing didn’t work for me then for many reasons.  I decided to share 5 ways to fail at couponing in hopes that it will encourage some of you that are just starting out.

Being an overachiever – I see it ALL THE TIME.  People new to couponing want to start out of the gate at 60mph or $60-80% savings.  It’s not going to happen.  You have to train yourself slowly.  You have to learn the ropes (aka: coupon policies).  Start out being happy at just taking notice of what’s on sale and taking advantage of it. THEN, search for coupons for those sale items.  You can also start by using Favado to make your lists.  Sign up here and then download the app on your phone.  You can make grocery lists and email them to yourself.  Print and clip coupons when you get home. I love using it while I’m at the doctor office or car pool line.

Not making it a habit – Whether you believe it takes 21 days to form habit or you just need to tell yourself that, stick to it for at least a month.  I actually recommend 3 months.  Since you don’t grocery shop daily, or maybe you do?  If so, you need to STOP that right away!  Shop once during the sale cycle.  This save time and money.  Extra trips encourage impulse shopping. But before I veer off track, saving money is a conscious habit.  But with any good habit, you also have to be rewarded.  Make sure your efforts are worth it.  Does it make you feel good?  Are you trimming off that budget and saving money?  All of that is positive reinforcement that will help you stick to it. If you haven’t already, get the free tracking worksheet so you can see the savings monthly.

Buying what you don’t need – It’s ok to buy items to try or things to donate if it’s a super deal.  I see people who buy items just bc it’s a GREAT deal and you might need it down the road.  Those baby wipes might be a great deal but you don’t have a baby!  I’ve purchased items like this and while it’s great to think of family or friends to give these to, in the beginning your need to focus on YOUR family.  Don’t get caught up in deals for item you don’t regularly buy.  Over the course of a year, if you do this all the time, you might be spending more money than you realize, and actually increasing your grocery budget.

Buying too much of a good thing – You spotted a new product and not only is it on sale but the manufacture AND the store have a coupon for it.  It’s their way of getting you to try the product and they hope you’ll get hooked.  Get that deal, try it, but don’t buy 14 of them!  I’ve done this and learned the hard way.  My family was excited to try it out but after opening the first package, they all turned up their noses!  Now I have 13 I stuck with!  Time to hand out to family and friends or donate.   This is the same for anything whether it’s cookies or toilet paper.  Or you buy so much that if goes bad before your family can consume it.

Going it alone – Don’t start your couponing journey alone.  Find a partner to support each other and help each other find deals.  Even if it’s your spouse or your kids.  Make it a family event.  Clip coupons together or shop the sales together.  Find a friend, co-worker or family member that you can trade coupons with.  Couponing is not always perceived in a positive light.  Having someone that supports your saving journey, will help you stick to it.