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5 Tips for Saving Money on Easter Baskets

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5 Tips for Saving Money on Easter Baskets

5 Tips for Saving Money on Easter Baskets


By Contributing writer Jessica.

Easter baskets can be fun and you don’t have to break the budget to fill them up. Check out these 5 tips for saving money on Easter baskets from our contributor Jessica.

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Reuse the same basket each year
This is a trick I learned from my mother in law. I actually have the basket she used for my husband when he was little. Reusing the same basket saves money and then you have a basket that they may want to keep in the future. We bought baskets for our babies at craft stores and used coupons to get them for a great price.

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Buy what they already need
I’m not big on putting candy in my kid’s Easter baskets, so I try to put things in there they need and I was planning to buy anyways. This year, both of my kids need bathing suits and new cups, so even though it ups how much the baskets cost, overall I spend less because I am just putting stuff in there that they already were getting.  I filled the baskets with items they needed and added a couple of small treats and they still get a full basket.

Shop discount stores or DIY
My mother in law put together adorable baskets for the grand kids with outdoor toys she found at the dollar store. Places like Ross, Marshalls, and TJMaxx all have great prices on books and toys. I found some cute board books to put in the baskets for so cheap. Another great place to buy inexpensive books is through Scholastic if your child’s teacher sends home order forms and you are supporting the classroom library at the same time. Dollar stores offer all kinds of fun Easter goodies: stickers, glow sticks, small toys… for a very reasonable price.

Pinterest is full of ideas for cute, inexpensive things to make that could go into an Easter basket.  I hope to make a few bows for my daughter to add to this year’s basket.

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Use coupons
Coupons are great for candy, treats, gum, even beauty products. I have stacked coupons at my local grocery store to get makeup for almost free. Taking advantage of the sales and coupons is a great way to find some treats to add to the baskets. Karen has an awesome coupon class that offers lots of great ideas!

Pick a Theme
One of my favorite Eater baskets was one my mom filled with cotton balls instead of Easter grass and then added nail polish, files and other fun goodies. All of these things are inexpensive but it makes for a fun basket.  Sometimes I find it easier to narrow my search if I am looking for something specific. This year, I tried to stick with a loose color theme.

I hope some of these tips help you to save a little money this Easter.

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