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5 Things Not To Do While Grocery Shopping If You Want To Save Money

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5 Things Not To Do While Grocery Shopping If You Want To Save Money

 5 Things NOT to do while grocery shopping if you want to save money

5 things NOT to do while Grocery shopping if you want to save money

Do NOT go without a list ~ Sit down before you go and figure out what you need.  What is on sale and what you need for your meal planning for the week.  Go prepared so you aren’t standing in the store trying to figure out what you may or may not have already at home.

Do NOT go without coupons ~ This goes without saying, but once you make your list, check the coupon database for any matching coupons for items on your list.

Do NOT pick up impulse items ~ Impulse items are anything that is not already on your list.   My only exclusion to this rule is if you have coupons for an unadvertised deal or clearance item.

Do NOT go shopping hungry ~ If you are hungry you are more susceptible to impulse items and to the bakery section.  Take it from me, I know!

NEVER checkout at checkout ~ Always be sure you are being observant during checkout.  Store coupons have to be manually entered and I once had a cashier ADD $5 to my total instead of removing it.  I was watching and caught it.  You will also spot any items that ring up the wrong price or if you pick up the wrong size of a BOGO item.

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