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Frugal & Meaningful Baby Shower Gift

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Frugal & Meaningful Baby Shower Gift

Guest Post by my friend Dian at Grocery Shop For Free

I wanted to share a fun, frugal, and meaningful Baby Shower Gift gift that my Mom, the ultimate gift-giver, always did!  My daughter and I have done this so many times over the years and it is always a big hit!

We get a diaper pail, I know not many people use an old timey diaper pail anymore, but, I always used them for dirty clothes if not diapers.  You could always just use a decorative basket, though, too.  The original idea though is a diaper pail.

So, you get your diaper pail, we always did this at the Dollar Store (my daughter and I), and were usually running late, so, I would drive and she would work putting it all together!  So, back to the store, get a diaper pail and some sort of “clothesline” type thing, could be sturdy ribbon, actual clothesline, sturdy string of some sort, and clothespins, then we would get all the little things that no one thinks about.  You know, after the shower you have all the big stuff:  stroller, car seat, bed, clothes, diapers, wipes and blankets, all the needed items, except… nail clippers, powder, lotion, shampoo, baby wash, nail file, bulb syringe, baby scissors, cotton balls, Q-tips, tissues, travel sized items for the diaper bag.  We would grab all those things and attach them to the clothesline with clothespins and put them in the diaper pail with the end of the clothesline attached to the lid of the diaper pail.  So, when it is opened, you pull out the clothesline and it stretches across the room with all the items attached!

This is always a great gift, it’s a big hit and it’s things people don’t think about getting and even the Mom-To-Be may not know she needs all these things!  This is a very frugal gift, you can find many of these things packaged together at the Dollar Store and then break the packages up to add them individually to the clothesline.  We would get baggies to put the things in that didn’t have a way to attach them to the clothesline.

So, there you have a fun, frugal, and meaningful Baby Shower Gift!

Dian Farmer is a SAH Homeschooling Mom of 4, & Pastor’s Wife of 1 🙂  She loves the Lord, her family, couponing, computers, helping people, and reality TV!  She owns and shares her ideas, thoughts, and deals at GroceryShopForFREE.com