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$100 Free Advertising for your business on Facebook

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$100 Free Advertising for your business on Facebook

visa business network

I joined the Visa Business Network for free and they are currently offering a $100 Facebook ad credit for new members.  I just created my Facebook ad for SavingTheFamilyMoney.com and I’m so excited to reach out to more families and help them save.  Here is what it will look like, minus the red arrows and text of course.

Facebook | Saving The Family MoneyYou can create a title, upload a logo or picture and insert a body paragraph.  You can select your target audience to advertise to also.  Say for instance you only want to advertise to single females or  men between the age of 18-24.  I choose to pay per click for the advertising and I choose a maximum amount I want to spend daily.  Once I’ve reached the $100 credit, I’ll cancel the ad and review my results.

If you have a website or local business and you want to get your name out there at minimal cost to your bottom line, you should try this out.  I love testing new venues for free with no obligation.  Oh and if you see my ad while you’re on facebook, please let me know!

Thanks to Carrie at Money Saving Methods for this information.  I have learned so much from her site and highly recommend checking it out!