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10 Tips For Back To School Shopping At Goodwill

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10 Tips For Back To School Shopping At Goodwill

From the Archives10 Tips For Back to school shopping at Goodwill

How far can you spread $100 on back to school shopping?  What if you shopped at Goodwill?  Well that’s just what I did and I’ll tell you how well I did and give you some tips.

Here’s what I got:

12 Shorts
22 Shirts
2 Dresses
2 Jackets
1 Skirt
4 Pants
= 43 Items (All for under $100)

1.  Give yourself time – If you are heading into shop for your kids clothing, make sure you give yourself enough time to go through the racks.  You need to go through each hanger because you never know what treasure you will find in between other things.  Sometimes the racks are so full, its quite a job to go through them.

2. Head straight for what you need – If you headed in for items for your daughter, don’t get distracted by the women’s section.  Go to your daughters section first, so you don’t get distracted and run out of time (see tip #1).

3. Grab a cart or basket – It’s easier to go through the racks if you aren’t holding onto items you’ve already chosen.  It’s also a good idea to put items in your cart that you are on the fence about.  This way you can decide before checkout if you really want that item.  If you leave it on the rack and decide to go back and get it, the item maybe gone.

4. Try things on – Don’t just assume they will fit.  Have your kids try things on if they are with you.  If you don’t plan on bringing them, take their measurements and take a tape measure with you.  Sizes may vary at the stores and items sometimes shrink.

5. Look for multiple colors –  Items in Goodwill are sorted by color.  If you find an item that fits in one color, check to see if they have the same item in other colors.  This happens to me all the time.  (See the blue and green shorts in my picture)

6. Look for off season items – If you’re shopping in the summer, don’t be afraid to look for winter items or even Holiday clothing.   Everyone else will be looking for winter clothes in the winter and you’ll already be done!

7. Check quality on items – Look over the items and make sure there are no stains, or at least ones you care about.  Kids need play clothes, so it might not matter if there are a few.  Look for rips in the fabric.  Check for missing buttons.  Sometimes clothing has extra buttons sewn into the item, so it may just be a quick fix.

8.  Ask about discount days – In my area, Goodwill gives seniors 10% off on Mondays.  So shop with Grandma 🙂 . Some stores have 50% off days or discounts on specific color tags.

9.  Shop the Boutique rack – Ask your store if have a specific rack with items with the original tags still on them.

10. Look and look again – Goodwill employees are always putting new items out and customers put things back.  If you don’t see the item you are looking for, walk back by and double check before you leave.  All stores are different, and you maybe successful at one and unsuccessful at another.  Merchandise changes daily so go often.

I’d love to hear your best tips and successful shopping trips!

Here are the 2 Local News Segments I did on Goodwill Shopping:
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