We Went Blueberry Picking AND Made Muffins With My New Pan!

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We have taken the kids blueberry picking for several years now.  Each year it seems to get hotter out, but we trek through it.  If you want to find a location near you where you can do this, just google it or check out Pick Your Own. This site also gives great tips on how to pick and what to do with them afterward.  For my local readers, we went to Dowless Farms on Ricker Road.  They open up the farm to guests on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at daylight.  I suggest you get there early because once all the ripe berries have been picked, they close it down.  We went on a Wednesday and got there at 8am.  They closed the farm to new arrivals at 9 that day.  I was told there were 42 people waiting at the gate at daylight!  I imagine it will be even more crowded on a Saturday.  I suggest you take some help.  Here are my little helpers.  We came with a plan, my daughter would go for the lower branches, my son got the middle and I’d reach for the top.  It was great team work.  We discussed all the yummy things we’d make with our new blueberries, which kept them motivated, for a little while anyway. Till they saw grasshoppers on the bushes and this became the new fascination.  Look at him just sitting there next to that big plump blueberry I wanted!  He didn’t faze me, I reached for it anyway.  The farm we pick at, gives you a little bucket with a bag inside.  You also get a bungee cord that goes around your waist and hooks onto the bucket, freeing up both your hands for double picking!  See, I can’t even stop long enough for a picture.  By the time we took this picture it was 100 degrees out (at 9am) and the kids were pouring their water bottles on their heads!  We left there pretty quickly after the little one had to use the restroom.  I did not get a chance to write down the pricing….SORRY!  I can tell you we got over 8 cups of blueberries, and 4 tomatoes for under $10!  Make sure you bring cash with you as many places are not set up to take credit cards or checks.  This is, after all, a farm.

family-pic     grasshopper   blueberries

Make sure you read the tips at the website above for storage ideas.  Last week I got in my new free easybakeware muffin pan that I was just itching to use.  This is the second pan I’ve gotten for free.  The first one was a square pan and my husband says my brownies turned out the best they ever have.  The pans help everything cook evenly and pop out of the pan super easy.  If you haven’t gotten your free one yet, go HERE and read my previous post on how to get yours.  You can get a free one every month.  I needed a recipe, so I asked my Twitter buds and Jenn over at The Coupon Coup sent me this great blueberry muffin recipe.  I was excited to see they were only 2 Weight Watchers points.  I suppose that’s if you don’t add a smidge extra sugar on top or make them larger than your supposed to or add butter and cream cheese…YUMMY!   Oh WELL!  Look how nicely they came out of my new pan.  I LOVE IT.  Well, I need to go make more…and then maybe some banana nut muffins and maybe some apple cinnamon and….sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Do you have any great blueberry recipes or muffin recipes you can share?  Please send them to me and I’ll post them.  Stayed tuned later today for my frugal wall decor pictures!

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