Walmart: Black Friday Prices Now with Layaway

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PLEASE NOTE: This may vary by store, as some locations are not open till 9am Black Friday and some are saying they will not be open AT all!  Please talk to your store before making any decisions.  I have also been told that the Black Friday SKU’s are NOT the same as the ones they carry everyday. This could potentially be a HOT MESS, but I’m here to inform.

What I’m about to tell you, could change your Black Friday Plans, in a BIG way!

Walmart Confirmed that they will be price matching competitor Ads on Black Friday.  They do it year round and Black Friday will be no different.

Paul at I Heart the Mart had an exclusive interview with the Director of Communications and Community Relations at Walmart and share this information.

The BIG news: Walmart will PRICE MATCH items on LAYAWAY if you payoff in full on Black Friday!

Items that have been put on layaway then are paid off on Black Friday will be sold at Black Fridaypricing (i.e. If you place a LG Blu-ray player on layaway today and payoff the purchase on Black Friday, you will pay the $38 Black Friday price).

This means that between now and Wednesday, 11/21, you can head into Walmart and find the EXACT Item in the Walmart ad (or a competitior) and put that item on  Layaway.  It will be put on Layaway for the current price.   Be sure to read the Layaway Policy!

Here is what you do:

  • Find items you want in the Walmart 2012 Black Friday Ad or any other 2012 Black Friday ad.
  • Head into Walmart and find the EXACT items and place them on layaway by Wednesday  11/21/12.  They will go into layaway at current prices.  This is also valid for any products already in layaway.
  • Then you need to go to Walmart on Friday to PRICE MATCH and pay-off your layaway (Layaway will be closed on Thursday).  This means you have to close out your layaway contract.  Keep in mind if any of the prices are time specific (door busters) you will need to complete your transaction during that time.  Make sure to have your printed ads with you!

Several things Concern me about this:

  • Will this information be filtered down to store level, so employees are prepared.
  • There could potentially be a LONG line at Layaway and if you are price matching a Doorbuster item, you’ll need to ‘pay off’  your layaway during that doorbuster time frame.
  • There is a Layaway open fee of $15.  There is a full refund of the open fee given on a Walmart gift card for customers who make their final payment.
  • ADDITION: Michelle called a couple local stores who said Layaway would be closed on Black Friday as well.  I’m trying to find out more!

What are your thoughts on this?  I can see it being a good thing if it works.  Keep in mind there will be Online Walmart Deals as well.


    • Karen says

      Thanks Michelle,
      I knew they’d be closed Thanksgiving…but Black Friday closing would be a BIG issue.
      Let me see what I can find out.

  1. Joey says

    I have also asked on Facebbok, which isn’t a “corporate” answer I am sure, but they state there that Layaway will be closed Thursday evening and reopen at 9am Friday morning. They also stated on there that the only items that will be eligible for price adjustment is the Event 3 items.
    Your readers should also keep in mind that many items may look similar, but if they have a different upc code they will not scan at the BF price. Two blu ray players may look the same but item 0001 may be one price, while the other may be item 0001a, and that is the one that will ring at BF prices.

    • Karen says

      All Great Points Joey. I’m personally not touching it with a 10 foot pole. There will be just as good of deals online.

  2. says

    I’d be concerned that Walmart has pulled most of the Black Friday items off the shelves (not sure if this is true but sometimes it happens). Also a lot of the “Black Friday” sales start at 8pm or 10pm. So it sounds like that this will only work if you are looking at an item that doesn’t go on sale until after midnight.

  3. stace tisdol says

    Thanksgiving hours are 9 to 9 and the sales begin at 10. I wonder can you buy the item and return and repurchase for the sale price?

  4. Jade says

    I spoke to a Manager at Walmart to inquire and they are keeping everything wrapped up in the back, so employees are unable to sell items until Black Friday. They are not letting it get to layaway.

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