Tracking Your Coupon Savings ~ 2012 Spreadsheet

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UPDATE: The 2013 Version is now available.  Here is the information exclusive to Email Subscribers. 

Several years ago I created a spreadsheet to keep track of my savings for the year.  It’s wonderful to input your savings and see how much you’ve accomplished at the end of the year.  I know many of you have used this same worksheet for a while now.  I wanted to post it again for those that have not seen it.

What better way to hold yourself accountable and motivate you so save, than tracking your savings?

At the bottom of this post I have shared out a blank worksheet for you to copy and use if you wish. Let me give you a quick tour of the worksheet.

There are 7 separate tabs.  The first one is a Totals page.  The rest are specific stores.  I have them set up to track the following stores:

  • Publix
  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Miscellaneous (Combination of stores I shopped at like Home Depot and JoAnn Fabrics)

You can relabel them for the stores you use frequently.  You will not have to enter any information on the Totals Page, it will automatically fill in when the store tabs are updated.

The only information you will need to enter is the date, the OOP and Savings on the store tabs that are highlighted in green.

It will total the months for you and autofill the Totals Page.  In the comments section I list key items from that particular shopping trip.  Sometimes it’s nice seeing how long it had been since I bought coffee creamer!  On the miscellaneous page, I list the store and what I bought.

Several things I learned from tracking our savings this way.  Publix was easy to enter because the receipt is easy to read and very straight forward.  Target was difficult.  The receipt shows savings, but it’s usually only coupon savings.  It does not include clearance savings for instance.  I learned in the first 2 months that I didn’t save very much money at Walmart!  So I started avoiding that store altogether.  It’s also a bit of a drive for me so it was easy to eliminate.  I realized I was bad at picking up ‘impulse items’ at Walmart.

CVS and Walgreens savings do not include ECB’s or RR’s that I “received” on that trip.  I only include them as savings when I actually redeem them.

Helpful tips:

  • OOP= out of pocket (what I actually handed the cashier to pay for that transaction)
  • If you have trouble viewing the tabs at the bottom when you open the document, try hitting “view” and then “full Screen” you should then be able to see the tabs at the bottom of the page for the other stores.
  • Once the document is open on your computer, save it under a new name for your quick reference.  I usually add the year into the title.
  • Please note, I cannot email everyone a separate copy of this worksheet and if I did, it would be the same worksheet you get when you click the links below.

This worksheet was created in Excel and is formated better there, but there is a google doc version if you do not have excel.

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Click for disclosure policy


  1. says

    I’ve been using this the last few months. It’s the best one out there! Only bad thing is I started tracking somewhere else and totally lost track of my savings from when I started couponing.

  2. YULIANA says

    I love this spreadsheet. I started couponing last year but did not keep track of my savings. This year I plan to save in a bank account everything I save with coupons and deals. This spreadsheet will make it easier to keep track. Thank you thank you thank you

    • Karen says

      You are welcome Yuliana, thanks for stopping by and commenting. So glad people can take advantage of it. Seeing the savings can be motivating to continue.

  3. sissy says

    Hi Karen,
    I am wondering if you have updated this spreadsheet? I love it very much, but have found several errors in the formulas.
    If you click view, and all formulas, spread out the OOP and Savings columns, you will see that the numbers are not the same across the board for all the stores. Looks like minor repair…but I am sure it is making our number wrong.

      • sissy says

        I believe the errors were in CVS. I will double check and get back to you. With a new year quickly approaching, I realized that I hadn’t checked back here. I LOVE this spreadsheet!

        • sissy says

          In CVS, there are formulas missing in Feb.
          In Wags, there are formulas missing in Jan and Feb.
          In Walmart, there are formulas missing in Feb.
          That is all I see! Will you be updating this spreadsheet at all for 2013?
          Thank you,

          • sissy says

            oops, I didn’t see your reply about the update! thanks so much…Will it be listed here when the update is finished? Are you changing anything?

  4. pat says

    I am glad toseee the update. I downloaded you spreadsheet several years ago and I love using it. Thanks for taking the time to do it for us .


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