Tonight We Made “Pig Candy”

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Tonight, a little pinch of Heaven visited our kitchen!  I saw this recipe for “Pig Candy” on Mommy’s Kitchen and was anxious to try it out, so we had a few slices with dinner.  MY……OH…. MY!  What do you get when you combine scrumptious bacon with sugar?  Yummy goodness that had my family asking if there was more in the oven!  And I think the name is absolutely fabulous!  I covered the bottom of a broiler pan with foil to make clean up easier, then I had a little helper coat the bacon with the topping.

Bacon1 bacon2 bacon3

I think next time I’ll let these cook longer because I like my bacon extra crispy.  The pictures do not do this justice.  And YES there are 2 pieces missing from the picture!  I got excited and forgot to take a picture before I had some.  If the kids are eating this you may want to leave out the cayenne.  I choose to cut the cayenne in half and if the kids didn’t like it, well…..more for me!  Oh, that was so bad!  My son devoured it and when my daughter claimed it was “too spicy”, he quickly snapped up her 2 pieces.  I told you I would post about something with protein in it soon…. all be it with sugar on top, but non the less I kept my promise!

You’ll want to head over to Mommy’s Kitchen and check out all the other great things she’s making.  She adds pictures and step by step instructions on how to make things. My kind of cooking!


  1. Aunt Debi says

    Wow! I can almost taste this. I’ll have to give it a try and check out mommy’s kitchen. What a hoot about “your son” coming to “your daughter’s” rescue by consuming her portion. Ha! How sweet of him to be “looking out for her”. : – )

  2. Shannon T says

    Let me report back that this was, in fact, awesome! I don’t usually bake my bacon (I pan fry it) so this was unusual, and I did find it took longer than the 15 min to get it to the stage I like it. That being said, it was really tasty and combined the best of salty, sticky, sweet, spicy and chewy. Yum!

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