Target Employees Start Online Petiton to Save Thanksgiving

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Yesterday I posted about stores opening on Thankgiving this year.

Well it appears Target Employees have started an online petition to save Thanksgiving and let them enjoy it with their families.   This year, Walmart, Toys R Us, Kmart, and Sears are all opening their doors at 8 pm Thursday.

I’ve heard several of you say that you have family members that will have to leave dinner early to head to work on Thanksgiving.

The retailers will not change this unless we make our voices heard.   As an avid Black Friday shopper, I would prefer it start on FRIDAY!

But please, if you do shop early, be kind to the employees.  I’m even thinking about what I can give them, besides my patience, a smile and a bit of understanding.

What if there were a bunch of Saving The Family Money readers that took cookies into employees, or bought them a cup of coffee? I’m sure companies have rules, but maybe we can still GIVE this Thanksgiving.

Do you have any ideas?




  1. Camille says

    I think that sticking to our guns and actually starting our shopping on Friday instead of Thursday will show these companies that opening a short 4 hours will or profit their business. This is what I will do. Family is so important so let’s support Target employees by not shopping on Thanksgiving Day

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