School Lunch Ideas ~ Mini Hummus Pizza With Veggies

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Todays School Lunch Idea is Mini Hummus Pizza with Veggies,  submitted by Alecia at Savings And Stewardship.


Ingredients –
– Mini Pita Rounds
– Hummus
– Fresh Basil, chopped
– Favorite Veggies (Sweet Peppers, Tomatoes, Olives, etc), chopped
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Directions –
– Toast pita rounds until lightly crispy. Allow to cool.
– Cover each pita round with a generous helping of hummus.
– Top with chopped basil & veggies.
– Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.

If you’re preparing this for a school lunch, toss the basil, veggies, and extra virgin olive oil together to make a type of “salsa”. Then package the pita rounds, hummus, and veggie “salsa” separately for your kids to assemble themselves at school.

Be sure to customize this recipe to your family’s preferences by using whole wheat pitas, flavored hummus, and/or a variety of different veggies & toppings (carrots, cucumbers, peppadew, feta cheese, etc). You can also make the dinner version of this meal by grilling a full sized pizza dough, topping with hummus, and covering with basil & veggies (sliced and halved instead of chopped) and olive oil!

Thanks to Savings and Stewardship for this School lunch idea submission.  She also has a great idea for Hummus grilled pizza. 


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