Publix New Coupon Policy

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There have been rumors flying for months now regarding Publix rolling out a corporate coupon policy.  I’ve been asking my store manager for months so I can give you all a heads up.  This week I taught a coupon class and one of the attendees husband, is a Publix Manager and she told me that it will be effective April 1st and they will only be taking traditional grocery stores as competitors and that does not include Target.  I had to have a moment of silence to process that.

Yesterday when I did my shopping trip for the week I asked about it at my Publix in Oakleaf Commons.  I was told that it will be effective March 1st and they will only take Winn Dixie and Target because that is their local competition. However,  the Publix on San Jose for example that has a Whole Foods across the street will also accept Whole Foods coupons.  They will no longer be taking Walgreens and CVS because they do not consider them traditional grocery stores.  I guess Harveys and Food Lion is also out for my store since they are not too close by.  Last month when I talked to my Publix Store Manager he said he hopes they have 30 days to acclimate customers to the new policy.  I’m guess this is why my store will start on March 1st.

So it seems that each store will still have it’s own variations in the policy but at least it will be consistent between all of the employees.  Which doesn’t seem like much of a change from what it is now.  Weather this policy will be written down and posted at each store or linked to on the Publix website we’ll just have to wait and see.

Have you heard anything about the Policy at your store?

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Click for disclosure policy


  1. Kelly says

    I called my local store after reading this (while mourning my Target coupons), and the service rep said she hadn’t heard anything about the changes. As far as she knew, they would still be accepting competitor coupons, which for them consists of Walgreens, Kroger, Food Lion, and Target (yaye!!). This is a store in the Atlanta area.

  2. says

    Yes, this is true but each store will set its competitiors with the DM based on what is near by. In the near future they will be changing the programs on the register to read the coupons in more detail to be sure the exact item was purchased.

  3. Beth says

    I live in the Augusta Area, and that has always been the policy at my local Publix. So, it doesn’t seem as if much will be changing here.

  4. Amy says

    The Publix where I shop made this change in policy months ago. The only competitor coupons they take now are Winn-Dixie coupons. It was a difficult adjustment, but I am still able to save between 50%-60% each week.

    • Kathleen says

      Two questions: Is that savings using Winn Dixie coupons based on the coupons being doubled (we are in FL and Publix doesn’t double coupons here)? Where are you getting your Winn Dixie coupons?

      • Karen says

        Kathleen can you be more specific about which Winn Dixie coupons you are referring to? I have $5 off Winn Dixie coupons from a local coupon book here in Jacksonville. No we do not double in Florida, so no numbers I ever post have double coupon info.

  5. says

    I ask and keep my fingers crossed every week, when I go into my regular Publix…and so far they are still taking Target coupons (Target is right next to them). No other Publix in my area accepts Target coupons though…. and there is no CVS, Walgreens coupons etc….never have been.

  6. Annie says

    I live just outside of Atlanta in Smyrna. As of now the Vinings Publix off Paces Ferry and E/W connector no longer accepts Target coupons, however the one off South Cobb and E/W Connector did as of this week! Yay!

  7. Sally says

    I agree with those who commented that this has always been the policy at my stores. My stores that are near Target accept Target, and they all take traditional grocery stores that are their local competition. It’s not terrible, you will get used to it. I still save a pretty penny!

  8. MaryC says

    I live near 3 Publix stores in north Florida. All 3 have been taking Target, Walgreens, Harveys, Food Lion, Winn Dixie and CVS coupons. The last of February I had a large order and lots of Walgreens coupons. I handed them to the checkout person before he scanned my groceries. He looked at all and separated them and then scanned the groceries. He then began taking off coupons. He scanned all but the stack of Walgreens coupons and then handed them to me and said,”we no longer accept these.” I asked very nicely why he didn’t tell me this before he scanned the groceries as he had the coupons and looked at them first. He didn’t know. I asked him to cancel my order and I only bought the items that had no Walgreens coupons. I left there and went to another store about 3 miles down the road and bought the returned items, used the Walgreen’s coupons and went home happy. I hold my breath each time I go but used Walgreen’s 50 cents off Progresso soup today. I’ve quit visiting the store that doesn’t accept them.

  9. Cindy says

    My local Publix (Auburndale, Florida) posted their new policy starting today, March 3. They will be limiting the BOGO deals to 5 deals/10 items per customer. They will also only accept 1 competitor $/$$ coupon per customer (ie, $5 off $30 purchase) and they will no longer allow customers to split up their purchases into multiple transactions in order to by pass these rules. I called to ask if we were still allowed to use multiple competitor coupons off individual items and I was told yes. I was told that that these rules where implemented because a few people would come in every week and clean the shelves leaving nothing for the regular customers. This location accepts Winn Dixie, Target, Family Dollar and Save alot as competitors. They will not accept any drug store coupons.

    I am a couponer. I love the bargains I get for my family, and I do share with others. But please be aware that many “extreme couponers” are causing the stores to get tighter with the couponing rules. Please use the Golden Rule while shopping!! Many of us make mistakes while learning (myself included!) but when you learn coupon manners, please utilize these manners and make it pleasant for every one!

    • ELJAY says

      I agree with the Publix policy to limit the BOGO deals. It’s really not fair for the “extreme coupon” crowd to clear out the shelves so there is nothing left for anyone else.

      As far as accepting competitor coupons, I hope that there aren’t any changes to that policy. I would hate to have to shop 2 or 3 different grocery stores just to save some money.

      Thanks for all the info that you provide to us at this site. It sure helps us all in tough times like these!

  10. Rex says

    I have used Kmart coupons before at Publix, hopefully they don’t take that away. I just used Kmart’s BOGO limit of 5 on the Caprisun drinks at Publix who also has them on sale for 1.79 each. So I bought 5 and got 5 free one day and went back the next and did the same thing. I think the TV show extreme couponing will ruin it for everybody. Soon all these stores will change their policy even the double coupon stores that don’t seem to exist anyway here in florida. It’s not our fault as a consumer Publix policy was competitor coupons and as long as they sold the same items as the other stores then it should be OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

  11. John Chambliss says

    As a 79 year old pharmacist I perceive that some of the big box stores are the ones purchasing the deals in order to irritate Publix customers when Publix does not have sufficient stock of these items. Our local Publix store is doing more grocery business than any of its competitors and usually all the cash register’s are busy…,most every time I shop Publix. I would never have perceived Publix would be bussier than the store that has it and has it for less. Maybe some of the mfgs are upset with the number of coupons redeemed.

  12. Courtney says

    I work at Publix and I can tell you that we are starting the training for the new coupon policy this week. Each store will have listed on the doors the specific competitor stores within a certain mile radius that it will accept coupons from. Each store will be different depending on the area it is in and what stores are close. No overages on coupons anymore, meaning if an item is on sale for $2 and the coupon is for $3…you will get $2. How they will do that with manufactures coupons that scan, I dont know. we will see. Also, no cash back. If you have cash left over, lets say from free items and a coupon- then you will have to equal out the amount by purchasing more product.

    • Karen says

      Thanks for the info Courtney! Not liking the overage thing. Maybe you could tell Publix that even Walmart is allowing overages now. :)

  13. Wendy says

    My store in central FL (The Villages) will be doing the same thing we are going to have a meeting this week for the managers to explain this process to us. Being around so many competitor stores im not sure how its going to work or what store, manufacture, vendor, or competitor coupons we will be able to except as a cashier. Im not sure how our customers are going to handle the new policy, i guess its just something we will have to find out.

  14. Sam says

    yea in tallahassee, fl on May 23rd the new policy takes effect..only taking harveys, fresh food market, and winn-dixie at my store…

  15. Pam says

    I agree with the other lady way back up there somewhere..I live in the Panhandle. What Win Dixie coupons are ya’ll talking about? I don’t EVER see coupons from winn dixie. I am new to the couponing deal, and now I’m beginning to wonder if it’s gonna be worth dealing with it or not.

  16. Mariam says

    Just called the Publix of Windsor Commons corner of Hodges and Sutton by JTB
    and they have not changed the coupon policy. They are still taking competitor coupons of Target, Winn Dixie and Fresh Market ~ they are just enforcing the coupon policy more of only 10 items per customer maximum. Other than that I did get an explanation of the publix digital coupons ~

    • Karen says

      Yes Mariam, most Publix locations made changes last year, which is when this post was published. Hopefully they helped you out with the digital coupons! Happy Savings, Karen

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