Public Service Announcement: Be Cautious Sharing Information on Facebook

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I am a Blogger, Mom, and Entrepreneur and this site is my full time job, and helps us pay the bills and put food on our table.  Let me start by saying, it has always been my intent to be fully transparent with all my readers.   There are a few people who help me on this site and they also rely on my income to pay them, including but not limited to deal posters and technical support.

Let me get to the point.  I have a love hate relationship with Facebook and wanted to share some information with you that I am seeing occur more and more often on Facebook.  I also realize most people outside the ‘Blog World’ may not realize the effect this is having on small internet businesses.

There is a right way and a wrong way to share recipes, DIY projects and other such items on Facebook.

THIS is the wrong way (pictured below)


This may or may not be a real person on Facebook, and unfortunately we can’t tell.  He does have a couple albums with hundreds of these types of recipes.  See how he uploaded the original recipe picture, that the original site watermarked with their name?  Clearly THIS is not Leslie.  Is this Leslie’s Dad?  Maybe, but considering the HIGH amount of other blogger photos he’s posted, I’m guessing NO.

Posting the picture is NOT the problem.  Copying the entire recipe ingredients AND directions with the photo IS.

It means Dishing with Leslie is NOT getting the credit for her recipe, nor is she getting the reader traffic she has worked so hard to attain.   Reader traffic is one of the ways bloggers pay website fees that help keep their sites up and running.

She bought the ingredients, cooked the recipe and spent time taking the photo’s that make you want to make this tonight!  They are so yummy looking that my hubby spotted the picture over my shoulder while writing this and asked what they were.  Here is the original post on Chicken Bombs from Dishing With Leslie.

Bloggers LOVE when people share their information and content.  But they also want credit for it. (Which is why most watermark their photo’s now)

I am not blaming the innocent people that are ‘sharing’ this type of information when they see it on Facebook.  I mean, some of this stuff looks REALLY GOOD.  But by sharing these we are feeding the fire.

THIS is the Right Way to share.

(3) Facebook

1) Post the picture and add the original website link to the picture or in the comments so your friends and family can view the original source if they choose to make the item.  This gives the writer/creator proper credit.

2)  OR Just post the website link, and the image will also pull with the link and post.

These are just a couple of ways to share.  If you see something being shared, like the one I saw above, and you have a couple minutes, find the correct source and share it that way.  All I had to do to find the original recipe above was Google, “Dishing with Leslie Chicken Bombs”, and there is was!  I realize it may not always be that easy.

In many cases these Facebook pages are spam, with the intent to gain a huge following, then sell to a spammy company.  Now you’ve “liked” them on Facebook and you’ll start getting spammy content.  In other cases it just people like you and me trying to share great information with their friends and family.   I know my little post here today will not change the world or stop it, but if I have helped at least 1 Blogger, it has been worth it.

Here is an article on similar Facebook Spam Giveaways, in which the readers NEVER win what they are promoting.

Be careful out there and be mindful of those around you.  I’m learning new things daily and hope that being an informed person will help me continue to be safe and  be generous to those around me.  :)


  1. says

    Good article, something most people don’t think about. I’ve noticed FB is also using friends to promote other pages, so and so likes this page you should too. More and more they are using all the information we give them against us and to profit from us. I don’t know what else you can do besides quit FB?

  2. says

    Karen, thank you for the information. I had no idea. I am sure this is happening quite innocently and other times not. I am relatively new to the whole blogging business world. This is good information. Thank you for posting.

    • Karen says

      Yes it’s the innocent people I’m trying to inform. The blatant people know what they are doing is wrong and simply don’t care.

  3. says

    I hate when people the work so hard don’t get the credit. The same goes on Pinterest. I find something I like, but the link is not going to the original blogger. So I google the picture or the title of the food/craft etc, search for the entry and add the correct link. It’s not difficult to do.

  4. jodi says

    I sure hope that I am posting the fight way, if by chance I am not, would you please inform me? Do not want to do any harm to this spot. It is the only place I really enjoy. Thank you. Jo.

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