Proctor And Gamble Pink Cookware Set Rebate 2013

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BCA Cookware

The FREE Proctor & Gamble Pink Cookware Set is back again this year.  I’ve done the Pink Cookware Rebate for several years in a row. You may also be able to find the rebate forms in your store on a store display.  If you do this rebate, get it in the mail soon, so you are not waiting for months for your set.  I’ve heard it can take some time due to popularity.  This is for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Purchase $30 of P&G products in one transaction and receive a Pink pancake breakfast set from Good Cook’s® Hope Line that includes the following:

  • 11” square griddle
  • pancake heart mold
  • 3 quart batter mixing bowl
  • pancake turner
  • spatula

To receive your 5-piece pink pancake breakfast set, please do the following: 1) Complete this original form 2) Include your original store identified cash register receipt dated 9/23/13 through 11/30/13 showing purchase of $30 or more of eligible P&G products circled to: Breakfast for Mom, PO Box 49317, Dept C. Strongsville, OH 44149-0317. If receipt does not specify product names, write the last five (5) digits of the product UPC numbers on the lines below.

I’m working on a few scenarios but for now, here are the Proctor and Gamble items on sale this week.   Some of the coupons from the September P&G insert overlap till 9/30 with the coupons from the 9/28 P&G that we get tomorrow!




  1. Suzy says

    Awl I was wondering the same thing . I wish it could be broken up. I really want this though. So if if it’s a good quality set ? I will do it . :) thank you Karen

    • Denise Dubus says

      I have received 2 different sets, 2009 and 2012. (Still KICKING myself that I didn’t know it was annual and I missed 2010 & 2011) Each set had a nice pan along with 4 other items such as a spatula, egg timer, tongs, measuring cup set, cutting board, colander and strainer. I have a good friend that loves pink and I always give her 2 or 3 of the items and keep the others. I use several of my items several times a week and just love them. I’ll be doing this every year!

    • Karen says

      Mollee, click on the rebate link in my post and check your zip code. It will tell you which stores. But I do believe I’ve only seen Publix so far.

    • Karen says

      You have to check the link in the post and verify what stores are participating in your zip code. I think it’s only Publix. The form has all the details. Purchase must be made in one transaction.

  2. Kathye says

    Hello, just finding out (or maybe just paying attention!!)_ to this Rebate. Is there anyway I can get the cookware from last year (I think). I am doing for the pancake set this year. Thanks

  3. Marsha Johnson says

    What stores are doing this?? I saw an advertisement in a magazine but I couldn’t get the website to come up.

  4. Donna E says

    I put in a rebate for a $10 gift card for spending $30 on P&G products. I got the pink cookware instead. I’m not very happy about the substitution. What do I do?

    • Karen says

      Susan, you know I submitted and never got anything either. This is the first year it’s ever happened to me. I contacted them but have not heard anything back. I do think they have a limited number of sets and once they reach a limit the rest of us are just SOL. I’m sad but I think next year I’ll submit the first week of October.

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