Problems Getting A RainCheck At Publix?

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There are rumors flying around that some Publix locations are refusing to offer a raincheck on items they are out of. Even making a customer wait for a truck to be unloaded or giving the option to get a substitute item. I’m all for a substitute if I can use the coupon I had planned on using on the sale item.  Store managers have the right to limit how much of a raincheck they give, for example, above is a photo of a limit of 4, which is typical.  I have not heard any of my readers complain about not being able to get a raincheck.  If you do, please let me know.  According to the Attorney General of Florida:

Grocery stores are required to offer rain checks, unless the advertisement clearly states that “quantities are limited,” or unless the store can establish that advertised items were ordered in time for delivery and were in sufficient quantities to meet the public’s reasonably anticipated demand.

The Publix Coupon Policy posted at, doesn’t mention rainchecks.  Have you had problems?

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Click for disclosure policy


  1. Darla says

    No problems at all of me in NW Georgia. Customer service will issue a rain check for the quantity desired or they will substitute another brand and accept the coupon I planned to use. Love my local Publix!

  2. Whitney says

    I never have a problem, but I used to work for Publix as Customer Service Staff so I know all the in’s and out’s and can say people try to abuse the system. I have never heard anyone tell them to wait for a truck to be unloaded; why inconvenience a customer? I know some store do substitute, but its usually listed where the original item is located.

  3. Rhonda says

    I have had a couple problems getting the rain checks. After I have searched the store for the products and even asked workers if they have it maybe on an end-cap. Then when I go to customer service they call the floor manager to double check with him they are really out of the product ( and 99% of the time they have been) and then reluctantly they will write one. Then they want to only give me one option as to flavor/type ( example they won’t just write Chips Ahoy cookies they want Chunky Chips Ahoy) and will only let you have that one kind. What if I don’t want 10 packs of Chunky Chips Ahoy what if I want to mix it up and get some Chewy too :). I am in North Georgia. I have also had them tell me to come back the next day and not give me one at all.

    • Karen says

      That is terrible Rhonda. You might need to shop at a different Publix. I have never had them list a specific flavor on a raincheck.

      • Rhonda says

        There are 2 close by to me and they both list the flavors, but it is only specific CM’s. I know the store manager from going in there so much and now if she is there I just ask for her. Some of them try to be so picky.

  4. Robynne says

    The problem I am having with Publix rainchecks is when they only have a few of the item that I want when I go back to use the raincheck. The raincheck is good for 30 days. For example, I have a raincheck for 10 Soft Scrub cleansers (the limit decided upon by my store). Today I went and they had 2 Soft Scrubs back in stock. I buy the 2, but they didn’t want to change the quantity I had remaining to 8, even though they didn’t have any more in stock, basically making me lose the 8 other cleansers I should have been allowed to buy if they had them like they should. You only have 30 days to use them, plus with expiring coupons every bottle counts when it’s in stock. It seems ridiculous to me that because *they* don’t have any more in stock I can’t continue to use the quantity left on my raincheck.

    • Karen says

      Excellent point Robynne. They require you to use the entire raincheck when you redeem it. However it seems wrong if they do not have enough stock to fulfill your raincheck. I do know that if I have coupons expiring, I ask them to note that on the raincheck so they will accept them when I redeem the raincheck. Wonder how a different Publix would handle the situation? Different/nicer manager, more customer friendly. Or maybe a good question for corporate.

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