Homemade Spring Chick Wreath

Spring Chick WreathBy Contributing writer Jessica.

I have seen all kinds of cute bunny wreaths on Pinterest and I wanted to create a spring chick wreath for spring using the same idea.  It took a few attempts to get the chick exactly how I wanted, but the finished product turned out to be pretty simple.


  • foam wreath
  • foam disk or half ball
  • 2 yellow boas (craft stores carry them)
  • yellow craft paint
  • glue gun
  • pins
  • orange felt
  • googly eyes

chick wreath materials

I used a foam wreath and disk to create the base for the chick.  I used a combination of a toothpick and hot glue to hold the head onto the body.  I painted them with a quick coat of yellow paint (left over from this candy corn broom) to make sure any part that showed through would blend in.  My original idea was to wrap the wreath with yellow yarn.  This took over an hour to do and I wasn’t happy with the result.  My mom suggested a boa and it was perfect.  Super quick to wrap and so fluffy.  It reminds me of a silky chicken.  It took 2 boas to cover the wreath and around the face.  I used pins to hold the boas in place, but glue would also work.  The face is wrapped in yarn from my original attempt, but I think it would also be cute just painted or even wrapped with fabric.  I experimented with some feather wings but I liked the look of the wreath without the wings.  To finish, I added a orange felt beak and googly eyes and the chick was ready to welcome spring.

Walgreens Free 8×10 Print ~ Pick Up In Store For Free

Walgreens Photo_ FREE 8×10 Photo Enlargement

Walgreens Photo is offering a FREE 8×10 Photo Print with coupon code FREE2FRAME at checkout. Valid through April 4th.   Great gift item!

Here is what you do:

  • Head over to Walgreens and upload your photos
  • Then create your 8×10 print and go to checkout
  • Enter code FREE2FRAME at checkout
  • Choose in store pickup and select a Walgreens location near you
  • Then go pick it up when it’s ready.

I do these every time they are offered and they are completely FREE as long as you choose in-store pick up.  You must check out online to get this deal.  You can pick up the print at your local Walgreens whenever it’s ready.  You can also surprise a relative out of town and choose store pickup at a store near them.  Then tell them to go pick up a nice pic!

They make nice gifts or pages for your scrapbook album.

April Fools Day Pranks {for kids}

April Fools Day is always a fun day for kids and adults to play jokes on each other. I have found several that are so easy kids can do them..so you might need to keep an eye out from your kids this week.

By Contributing writer Beth Anne.

April Fools Day Collage

Every computer owners WORST nightmare is spilling milk on their keyboard. Trick a friend or co-worker with this fake “spilled milk.”

Find some food coloring and create blue water in your sink. This will shock everyone!

You can really gross your friends and parents with this fake dog poop made out of glue.

Head to the dollar store and buy fake bugs and other insects and put them in peoples shoes, lunches, and food.

Make your parents “breakfast in bed” like frozen cereal, jello juice, and eggs that are really yogurt.

Fill someones shoes with beads or other random objects you have laying around.

You can really confuse people by putting mini marshmallows  on your bush branches for an interesting conversation about growing marshmallows.

Really make your parents look like a giant by feeding them a tiny meal.

Instead of pranks just become a jokester for the day and tell jokes all day long.

Do your parents or someone you know need to take a chill pill? Create this jar of ‘chill pills” as a gag gift for your friends and family on April Fools Day.

Easy Resurrection Rolls Recipe – Teach Kids About Easter (Recipe Link up)

Resurrection Rolls Recipe

This Resurrection Rolls Recipe is a great cooking activity to do with your kids while teaching them the true meaning of Easter.  We do these every year. You can also try Resurrection Cookies.  They are both great but the rolls really got the point across with the kids about the empty tomb.  And just let me tell you how yummy they are!


Resurrection Rolls

Here is what you’ll need:
1 can refrigerated crescent roll dough (8 rolls)
8 large marshmallows
Melted butter

Icing (optional- but well worth it!)
Powdered Sugar
Mix together till you get consistency you want


Give each child one triangle shaped section of crescent roll. Tell them the crescent represents the tomb or the cave where Christ was buried.
Each child takes one marshmallow which represents the body of Christ.
Dip the marshmallow in the butter and roll in cinnamon and sugar mixture. This represents the oils and spices the body was anointed with upon burial.
Lay the marshmallow on the dough and carefully wrap it around the marshmallow.
Make sure all seams are pinched together well. (Otherwise the marshmallow will “ooze” out of the seams)
Bake according to package directions on the crescent tube.
Drizzle with icing if you made it.  Cool, then serve and show the kids how the tomb is now empty and Christ has risen!

Resurrection Rolls
My kids wanted to try using 2, to see if it would make them bigger, but really it was too much dough and they didn’t rise correctly.  That’s why the one picture shows 2 pieces with the marshmallow.  I forgot to take a picture with the 1 triangle.

Unique Easter Basket Ideas and Sale Items

Easter Basket IdeasLast week we posted ways to save money on Easter Baskets and I know for me, when the kids were little I did a lot of my shopping online, to avoid having to hide stuff from them in the store while they were with me.  As my kids grow older and I shy away from tons of candy, I like to look for fun items they may want or need.  Here are a few unique gift ideas.

Today only Amazon is having a sale on select toys and games from Hasbro at up to 40% off.  I love the Rubik’s cube for only $6.29, or the 3 pack of water guns for $7.99 that you could split up for each kid.

Crayola 64 Ct Short Colored Pencils $6.90

Plush Stuffed anima Hot/cold Thermal Gel Compress 20% off and comes in 12 animals, including the duck pictured above, a lamb, pig, gator and more!

My daughter is into jewelry and has 2 of these colored bracelets that have a magnetic clip so it’s easy for her to put on.  She was thrilled when a teacher at school complimented her on them.  I told her the Spring trend is to layer the bracelets and now she wants more! Guess it’s good they are 48% off right now.

How about a coloring book for the older kids?  I love this Flower Designs Coloring Book.  I can see this taking up some nice time on car trips.

Pool toys are always an hit and my kids love these Water Bomb Splash Balls and this is a set of 12 for $7.99.

My 11 year old loves painting her nails so I think this set of 12 metallic polishes is awesome.

The Titanium Tornado Baseball Necklaces are a big hit with the boys and they come in many colors.

What are some of your favorite unique basket ideas?

6 Ways To Save Money on Outdoor Projects & Landscaping

6 Ways To Save Money on Outdoor Projects and Landscaping
I love this time of year, when the grass starts to turn green again and flowers start to bloom.  But if you’re not careful, doing yard work can take a toll on your budget.  Here are 6 ways to save money on outdoor projects & landscaping.
  1. Buying outdoor plants or flowers ~ Consider buying perennials, as they are more likely to regrow the next year.  Annual plants will need to be replanted each season.
  2. Sign up for home improvement newsletters, garden or builders clubs.  They frequently send out coupons to subscribers and you can use these to save or trade with a neighbor for coupons you will use.
  3. Space out your buying ~ Make a list of what your project needs are.  Don’t buy plants when they first arrive at the store.  Demand and prices will be high.  Keep an eye out for coupons, sales and even online daily deals at the hardware stores.  Some daily deals offer free site to store shipping on items.  Saving you time and money.
  4. Form a project club with friends or neighbors ~ Ask retailers if they offer a discount for buying in bulk.  Trade coupons with each other.  Help each other on projects and save on labor costs.
  5. Price match your local home improvement stores.   Instead of driving miles out of you way to get the better price, stick to your closer store and have them price match the other store.
  6. Consider buying online at your local home improvement store.  If the price is right and you can have it shipped to you or your local store for free, it might be a better deal.  Especially if you can use an online coupon code at checkout.



Crayola Items Up To 40% Off Today Only

CrayolaToday only, save 40% on Select Crayola Products as the Gold Box Deal of the Day.  This one-day offer is valid on March 18, 2015, or while supplies last.  If you’re looking for some items for Easter Baskets, there might be some items in this sale that you’ll want to take advantage of.  Remember this deal is for today only and items may sell out.

They also have a 64 pack of crayons for $2.89!

Check out all the Crayola items on sale here. 

5 Tips for Saving Money on Easter Baskets

5 Tips for Saving Money on Easter Baskets


By Contributing writer Jessica.

Easter baskets can be fun and you don’t have to break the budget to fill them up. Check out these 5 tips for saving money on Easter baskets from our contributor Jessica.

Easter Baskets 2015

Reuse the same basket each year
This is a trick I learned from my mother in law. I actually have the basket she used for my husband when he was little. Reusing the same basket saves money and then you have a basket that they may want to keep in the future. We bought baskets for our babies at craft stores and used coupons to get them for a great price.

Easter 2012


Buy what they already need
I’m not big on putting candy in my kid’s Easter baskets, so I try to put things in there they need and I was planning to buy anyways. This year, both of my kids need bathing suits and new cups, so even though it ups how much the baskets cost, overall I spend less because I am just putting stuff in there that they already were getting.  I filled the baskets with items they needed and added a couple of small treats and they still get a full basket.

Shop discount stores or DIY
My mother in law put together adorable baskets for the grand kids with outdoor toys she found at the dollar store. Places like Ross, Marshalls, and TJMaxx all have great prices on books and toys. I found some cute board books to put in the baskets for so cheap. Another great place to buy inexpensive books is through Scholastic if your child’s teacher sends home order forms and you are supporting the classroom library at the same time. Dollar stores offer all kinds of fun Easter goodies: stickers, glow sticks, small toys… for a very reasonable price.

Pinterest is full of ideas for cute, inexpensive things to make that could go into an Easter basket.  I hope to make a few bows for my daughter to add to this year’s basket.

Easter 2013

Use coupons
Coupons are great for candy, treats, gum, even beauty products. I have stacked coupons at my local grocery store to get makeup for almost free. Taking advantage of the sales and coupons is a great way to find some treats to add to the baskets. Karen has an awesome coupon class that offers lots of great ideas!

Pick a Theme
One of my favorite Eater baskets was one my mom filled with cotton balls instead of Easter grass and then added nail polish, files and other fun goodies. All of these things are inexpensive but it makes for a fun basket.  Sometimes I find it easier to narrow my search if I am looking for something specific. This year, I tried to stick with a loose color theme.

I hope some of these tips help you to save a little money this Easter.

Easter 2014