30+ Tips To Create Affordable Disney Cruises For Your Family

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Affordable Disney Cruises

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We are heading on another Disney Cruise this summer and I’m super excited!  A few readers sent me updates since I originally posted this, so be sure to scroll down for them.  Disney now has a free Disney Cruise app that you can put on your phone that counts down the days till your vacation.  I LOVE it!  And once you get onboard this app will have your Cruise Navigation newsletter on it will all the daily activities, and a map of the ship.   No more carrying around the paper.  You don’t need to get the ship wi-fi to access it!

Disney Cruise app

If you have any tips, email me and I’ll add them!

Saving money on a Disney Cruise can be done.  Keep in mind that this is a vacation and prices include, your room, meals and so much more.  It’s not going to be free, but here are 100 Tips To Create Affordable Disney Cruises For Your Family.Register on the Disney Cruise website and get updates on special offers sent directly to your email address.

Head to the Disney Cruise website and check the special offers section, including info on Florida Resident rates and Military discounts.

Book early, the earlier you book your trip, the better deal you will get.  You’ll have better choices of cabins and dates that fit your schedule and budget.

Book late – Say what? You just told us to book early.  I know, I know! But if you check out the rates, sometimes you can get a deal on a cruise because they have not completely been booked.   They lower the price to get last minute cruisers on board!   It’s best if you are flexible with dates, rooms and departure ports.

Book with a good travel agency – Disney doesn’t let anyone discount their cruises but they can offer other amenities.  Many times the travel agency will have enough experience to find you the best deal for your budget.  They sometimes offer a bonus for booking with them, like an on board credit or souvenir gift bags for the family.

Restricted outside stateroom – Ask the booking agent about restricted outside stateroom.  This reduced our price because we could not choose our room.  Instead, we were guaranteed an outside stateroom with a window, but it could be a restricted view and they would assign it to us based on what rooms were left over.  If you decided to look into a restricted reservation here are a few details you’ll need to know.  Just be sure to read them all or talk to your travel agent so you aren’t caught off guard:

  • Full payment is due at time of booking. Booking holds are not permitted.
  • Reservation is non-refundable.
  • Reservation and applied payment is non-transferable.
  • Full legal names and birth dates for all stateroom occupants are required at time of booking.
  • Name changes after the reservation number is confirmed will not be permitted.
  • Sail date, stateroom category and cruise itinerary changes are not permitted once a reservation number is confirmed.

Disney Cruise Magical Porthole

(Photo credit: Disney Parks)

Consider an inside cabin.  You aren’t really going to be in your room that much anyway!  Plus the Disney cruises have an awesome inner cabin magical porthole with a real time view outside the ship.  With a bonus treat of character appearances like Aladin on his magic carpet, floating by in the window!  These rooms sell out quick, so like the tip above, book early!

Book a Verandah room – This may sound odd, but there are Verandah rooms with slightly obstructed views but the price is lower than a regular verandah room.

Book two rooms ~ This may sound counterintuitive, but if you have a large family, it maybe cheaper to get 2 adjoining rooms instead of a larger suite.  This also works well for extended families.

Go on the off season – I’ve priced the same cruise, ship and room for the off season and they are much cheaper.  Once school is out, the prices jump up.

Kids Sail free – Sometimes if a cruise is not fully booked, Disney will offer kids sail free after the first 2 paying adults to help fill up the ship before it sails.

Book your next cruise on board – Take advantage of on-board booking promotions and book it while on the ship. Not only will you get a 10% discount off the booking price, your cruise down payment will be less and you’ll receive an on-board ship credit to spend on your next cruise.  Keep in mind offers may differ on each cruise.  Not sure of your dates?  Disney is very flexible with changes.  Book any date to lock in these promotions and then change your cruise dates later once you’ve decided the best dates for your family.

Become a Castaway Club Member – Once you cruse with Disney once, you’ll become a Castaway Club Member.  There are several levels of Membership depending on how many times you’ve cruised with Disney.  From Silver to Gold to Platinum, each one comes with benefits.   Benefits include, stateroom gifts upon arrival, early access to excursion bookings, free coloring page downloads for the kids and more.

Ask for an upgrade – All the Disney Cruises we’ve been on have been pretty booked, but when you check in, it doesn’t hurt to ask.  The staff is very friendly and may be able to upgrade you if they are not fully booked.  You’ll pay a fee, but it’s generally less than if you had originally booked that room.

Bring your own alcohol.  Guests over 21 can bring alcohol on board in their carry on bags only.  Do not pack them in your checked luggage.  There is a size limit to your carry on bag so check those out.  Hubby and I usually bring a backpack and they can each fit 2 bottles of wine.  We also bring an electric opener, or you can bring items with a screw on cap.  Keep in mind that if you bring a bottle to the dining room, you will be charged a $20 corking fee.  So have a glass of wine before or after dinner. Alcohol brought on board may not be consumed in any lounge or public area.

Attend a party -  Disney Cruise Line‘s captain’s cocktail party, which is open to all passengers on formal night, provides complimentary drinks.  Just look for a server with a tray of drinks.  Get there early to avoid the crowds.

By a bottle of wine at dinner.  If you don’t plan ahead and bring it with you, you can buy the wine at dinner, and buying it by the bottle is cheaper than by the glass.  The great part about your servers on a Disney cruise is that if you don’t finish a bottle of wine at dinner, they will cork it and save it for your for the next night.

Enjoy free beverages – Soda, coffee, and tea are included in the price of the cruise.  This is an extra cost for most other cruise lines.  If you are a coffee addict like me, you’ll love this feature.  It’s also nice to ‘treat’ the kids to a soda now and again without breaking the bank. They do have specialty coffee bars but you’ll pay for those drinks, so avoid them and drink the free stuff.

Get a punch card – You know what these are, buy a specific number of drinks, get a free one?  Hubby and I discovered the specialty coffee shop in the adult pool area had these punch cards.  So even if you decide to pay for latte’s and cappuccinos, ask if they have a loyalty punch card.

Put Gratuities on your Credit card – Gratuities are now automatically being put on your on board credit, aka: the credit card you linked to your cruise account, unless you pay up front.   We normally do this anyway,  because we did not want to carry around as much cash.   We will also get the credit card benefits, such as points or cash back (depending on your card).  Then, on the last night of your cruise you can hand your envelopes (provided by guest services) with your tip.  If you wish to give less or more, that is at your discretion.  We chose to give our assistant server extra.  He was super attentive, learned our likes by the 2nd night and did cute tricks and puzzles for the kids. So, he received the recommended amount, via the card/receipt, plus additional cash from us.

Use off-site Parking – Parking at the port can be expensive if you are driving yourself.  While it’s very convenient, upwards of $20 a day can add up fast.  Look for secure off site parking facilities that can start at only $5 a day.  We did this on our 2nd cruise and it was fabulous.  We pulled in, they loaded out luggage on a shuttle and drove us to the port.  Be sure to budget tipping the drivers.  The only  stressor in this method was when we got off the ship.  We had to wait for our shuttle and when it pulled in, 10 other families rushed to get on board.  There was no ‘system’ for first come first serve.

Consider personal transportation from airport – Disney offers transportation from local airports (be sure to verify), but you will pay for transportation per person. Depending on how many are traveling in your party, you might want to consider a town car service as your ground transportation. For what you will end up paying for a ride on the Disney bus, you can get personal transportation for less, or even a Limousine.

Don’t by clothing – The Dining rooms on the ship do have dress codes that you will want to prepare for.  If you need clothing to abide by these rules, check with family or friends and see if you can borrow clothing or shoes.  Especially if you need a dinner jacket or nice dress.  You can also cut costs by shopping for clothing at Thrift stores.  On our 7 day cruise I bought my son 2 pairs of dress pants and he alternated these each night with a different shirt.  You are really only in the dining room for a couple hours and our kids changed clothing right afterward to go play in.  Disney has relaxed their dress code some, so be sure to check before you go, so you aren’t buying unnecessary items. I personally love my family dressing up for portraits and such, so I may not tell them the rules have changed. ;)

Take your own pictures – Just like the Disney Parks, there are cast members everywhere to take your picture.  It is FREE to take as many pictures as you want and with kids you just have to keep trying till you get the perfect one.  Well sometimes. The part you pay for, is purchasing these pictures if you so desire.  Disney doesn’t make you buy any, but sometimes it’s hard to resist.  The good news is you can take your own pictures.  Bring a tripod and set your camera timer or use a remote to take your own family portraits.  Then you can take as many as you want till you get a good one!  There are also many opportunities to have your picture taken with characters.  While there is a cast member for each character, that takes your portrait professionally, they are very nice about stepping aside for you to take a quick picture with your camera.  Some will even take it for you.  Keep in mind there are other people waiting so try to be quick. I took the below picture with my flexible tripod.  You can set this small tripod up on a table, or wrap it around a railing!

UPDATE:  Readers say they have changed the way they do Princess meet and greets.  I’m told you must get a ticket at guest services to reserve your spot with them.  Go as soon as you get onboard!

Disney Cruise on a budget

Avoid the gift shops – While this may seem obvious, it’s hard to do sometimes.  Before you even get on the ship, locate the gift shops, usually all together, and avoid the stairs and elevators near them!  If the kids don’t see them, you can avoid the begging and whining and stay away from impulse items.

Prepare yourself for impulse purchases – There will be times, when you’re sitting at dinner and Cast Members will come around and try to sell you fun light up cups and things like that.  Or on Pirate night, you’ll find the light up toy carts all over for you to purchase.  These can’t really be avoided, so you may want to set expectations with the family before you arrive.  Let them know they can spend their own money if they wish but you will not be buying these items.  You can also bring your own light up or glow in the dark necklaces from home, to save money.  Then your kids won’t feel left out!

Reader Souvenir tip – “Buy pillow cases/fabric markers before the trip and have them personalized for free! Just drop them off in a ziploc bag at the guest services desk upon arrival and they will deliver them to your state room with either Princess or Mickey and friends signatures on the last night of your cruise! My kids’ turned out really cute!” ~ Thanks Sheila

UPDATE:  If you have kids that get the activity wrist bands, make sure you RETURN them on time, or you’ll get charged a $12 fee for each one.  We never had a problem with this but I’m told these are now nicer bands and some people keep for a souvenir.  Just be aware that it’s a $12 souvenir.

Plan  your own port excursions – These are typically all inclusive port experiences.  If you have never been to the island before, and don’t know your way around, it might be a good idea to look into these.  They usually include transportation, sometimes a drink/lunch, and the event.   These  can range anywhere from $20 to $180 per person, and add up quickly.   But if you only plan on shopping, you might be able to walk off the ship and do that on your own.  Or if you’ve been to the island before, you may already know the top spots to go to and can do them on your own.  Sometimes paying for an excursion is worth it though.  For transportation, and guide and peace of mind knowing Disney has done the research for you.

Shopping in ports – If you are a shopper, you can get Alcohol and other items in ports for possibly cheaper than in the US.  Check pricing before you go so you know what is a deal.  I purchased my favorite perfume for 50% off what I would normally pay here in the States.

On board movies – Disney ships have movie theaters on board and it’s a great time to view family movies together.  While some would argue these are included in the price of your trip, I loved that we were able to see a movie that was currently playing in theaters and we didn’t have to pay for it on the ship.  So take advantage of the movie schedule.  Besides, seeing some of these movies again or for the first time on the BIG screen is fun!

Bring supplies with you – Don’t forget your sunscreen, goggles, and things like that for the trip.  They’ll be much more expensive on the ship if you have to purchase them.

Pirate Night Costumes – If your cruise has a Pirate night, you’re in luck!  This a really fun night including costumes, Pirate party and fireworks!  Disney room stewards leave Pirate bandanas and eye patches in your stateroom for the entire family.  But if you want to really dress up you can, and that includes wearing your Pirate gear to dinner.  Purchase these costumes or make your own before you leave and pack them in  your suitcases.  It’s quite fun!

Stay off line – Come on, you’re on vacation, there’s really no need to get on the internet.  Disney ships do have wi-fi in some cafe’s and areas of the ship, but you’ll pay for it.  So instead if you MUST get online to check in at home or work, try to find free wifi on the islands.  I enjoyed a cheap coffee and checked in with family at one of the ports using the coffee shops free wifi.

5 Ways To Fail At Couponing

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Shopping cart full with dairy grocery products isolated over white backgroundI’ve heard so many people say they starting couponing and it just didn’t work.  I’m one of those people.  Years ago when I first became a stay at home mom we tried to cut back on our budget.  Couponing didn’t work for me then for many reasons.  I decided to share 5 ways to fail at couponing in hopes that it will encourage some of you that are just starting out.

Being an overachiever – I see it ALL THE TIME.  People new to couponing want to start out of the gate at 60mph or $60-80% savings.  It’s not going to happen.  You have to train yourself slowly.  You have to learn the ropes (aka: coupon policies).  Start out being happy at just taking notice of what’s on sale and taking advantage of it. THEN, search for coupons for those sale items.  You can also start by using Favado to make your lists.  Sign up here and then download the app on your phone.  You can make grocery lists and email them to yourself.  Print and clip coupons when you get home. I love using it while I’m at the doctor office or car pool line.

Not making it a habit – Whether you believe it takes 21 days to form habit or you just need to tell yourself that, stick to it for at least a month.  I actually recommend 3 months.  Since you don’t grocery shop daily, or maybe you do?  If so, you need to STOP that right away!  Shop once during the sale cycle.  This save time and money.  Extra trips encourage impulse shopping. But before I veer off track, saving money is a conscious habit.  But with any good habit, you also have to be rewarded.  Make sure your efforts are worth it.  Does it make you feel good?  Are you trimming off that budget and saving money?  All of that is positive reinforcement that will help you stick to it. If you haven’t already, get the free tracking worksheet so you can see the savings monthly.

Buying what you don’t need – It’s ok to buy items to try or things to donate if it’s a super deal.  I see people who buy items just bc it’s a GREAT deal and you might need it down the road.  Those baby wipes might be a great deal but you don’t have a baby!  I’ve purchased items like this and while it’s great to think of family or friends to give these to, in the beginning your need to focus on YOUR family.  Don’t get caught up in deals for item you don’t regularly buy.  Over the course of a year, if you do this all the time, you might be spending more money than you realize, and actually increasing your grocery budget.

Buying too much of a good thing – You spotted a new product and not only is it on sale but the manufacture AND the store have a coupon for it.  It’s their way of getting you to try the product and they hope you’ll get hooked.  Get that deal, try it, but don’t buy 14 of them!  I’ve done this and learned the hard way.  My family was excited to try it out but after opening the first package, they all turned up their noses!  Now I have 13 I stuck with!  Time to hand out to family and friends or donate.   This is the same for anything whether it’s cookies or toilet paper.  Or you buy so much that if goes bad before your family can consume it.

Going it alone – Don’t start your couponing journey alone.  Find a partner to support each other and help each other find deals.  Even if it’s your spouse or your kids.  Make it a family event.  Clip coupons together or shop the sales together.  Find a friend, co-worker or family member that you can trade coupons with.  Couponing is not always perceived in a positive light.  Having someone that supports your saving journey, will help you stick to it.

Saving Money On Beauty | Homemade Cucumber Cooling Mask

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Saving Money on Beauty

Weather can take a toll on your skin.  Whether it’s winter and your skin is dry or summer time and you need a cool down.  Here is a homemade cucumber cooling mask to help you cool down and moisturize your skin.

Saving Money On Beauty | Homemade Cucumber Cooling Mask

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Cucumber (peeled and sliced)
1 Teaspoon Organic Honey

Cut up Cucumber and puree in a food processor
Mix in Honey

You can add a bit more honey if you’d like.

Noreen Young  Says:  Cucumbers contain cooling nutrients like Vitamin C and caffeine acid which help soothe the skin, tones down puffiness and can even reduce swelling.  Honey softens your skin and locks in moisture.

You’ll want to lay on a towel when you apply this.  It can be a bit runny and you’ll want to protect your surfaces.  Rub all over your face and let sit for 10-15 minutes.  It’s ok if it’s clumpy.  You can slice a couple pieces of cucumber and set aside to place over your eyes.

I have to tell you, while this is a bit messy, my skin felt A-MAZ-ING afterward!  I will definitely be doing this again.

I had some leftover, so I put them in some silicone Ice cube trays to save for later!

Thanks to my friend Noreen Young for this fantastic at home recipe.

Noreen Young is an internationally known makeup artist, author and one of the most sought after speakers/educators in the beauty industry.  Noreen Young studio is located in Jacksonville, Florida but ships products worldwide.

NY_Label 2

National Reading Month $20 Off Kindle

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Kindle Paperwhite

To celebrate National Reading month, Amazon is offering $20 off a Kindle Paperwhite.

Get $20 off Kindle $79 $59 (with special offers)

Kindle $99 $79.

If you’ve been waiting for a nice deal, this is it!  My kids love to read and at $59 a Kindle is a great deal for them at their ages.

Don’t forget to check out the Kindle Book Deals while you’re at it.

Click here to see the Kindle $20 Off Deal. 

Custom Pillow Case Coupon Code Deal

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Stylish Designs You Customize - pillowreview-1

Easter, Mother’s Day, Weddings….all of these are around the corner!  Here is a nice offer for a gift idea.  Get 2 custom pillowcases for just $4.99 each! You could put a Wedding date on these so they never forget, or a picture of the grandkids for grandma.  The possibilities are endless. What about a graduation gift?

Save 17 on Each! Use Code: SLUMBER. Offer Open To New And Existing Customers. S&H Not Included. 1 Use. Quantity Limit 2 at Discounted Price. Cannot Combine Coupon Codes. Exp. 04-04-2015.

Standard Shipping: $4.99 for 1st pillowcase, $1.99 for each additional pillowcase.

DIY Wall Organization for Backpacks, Jackets and Bags

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DIY Wall Organization

By Contributing writer Laura.

We all have that one spot that our kids or even adults seem to put their “stuff” right inside the front door!  Whether its my mom bags, backpacks, sports bags or jackets, there is always something that just doesn’t have its place! After looking at these items on my entry bench for months, I decided for just a little bit of money and time I could make a spot just inside my garage entry door.  I hope you like this DIY wall organization as much as I do!

Step 1: Find the perfect wall.  It doesn’t have to be very big, just enough for a few hooks.  My wall is just inside my garage entry door which is the one we use when heading out the door to leave. A laundry room may be a perfect spot also!

Step 2: Measure your space so you know how much wood you will need.  I bought 3 primed 8 foot 1X4 pieces of wood @ $7 each and have a little left.  They sell this wood at 8, 10 and even 12 feet and you may be able to save money by measuring before you head to the store so there is not as much waste.

The decision for hooks is up to you~ I chose mine from Hobby Lobby at 50% off which was $13 for all 5 hooks (3 pieces).  The number of hooks and spacing is also personal preference.

photo 1 photo 2Step 3: Cut your horizontal board to fit wall.  As you can see I wrapped mine around the corner and cut the corner board first.  If you do not have equipment to cut wood, take an exact measurement to Home Depot or Lowes and they will do it for you when you purchase the wood (this applies to the following step also)  If you need more than (1) cut, be super friendly and they normally won’t charge extra!!  Attach horizontal board to wall using finished nails.  If you can find a stud, that would be best!

Step 4: Cut your vertical board to the correct length.  Attach vertical boards to wall.  The distance between the boards is personal preference.  I used a 15 inch measurement from center to center just to have 3 boards equally spaced.

**Solution for beveled baseboards: I chose flat 1X6 baseboards when building our home knowing that at some point I wanted to add these type of boards to some of my walls.  A solution for beveled baseboards would be to cut the vertical boards at a 45 degree angle at the bottom for a smooth transition to your baseboard.  In the end, nobody will notice the bottom but this will solve the issue!

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Step 5: Use a “nail set” to countersink the nails.  These are available at your home improvement stores for a couple of dollars.  Fill nail holes with filler.  Caulk edges of boards if you choose.  Sand filler once it is dry.

Step 6: Paint the boards and wall the color of your trim in your home.  This could also be painted a different color, stained or whatever look you are going for.  You could also do a rustic, weathered look and use weathered wood or stained wood to look weathered and black screws that are left exposed~ lots of possibilities.

photo 1 photo 2

Step 7: Hang your hooks!  This can be a pain, especially the hooks like the ones I bought that have a hidden “hook hanger”.  Think about this when purchasing your hooks :)  Patience is a virtue when hanging these type but I love the end result!

photo 3 photo 4

Tips To Saving Money on Parties

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Tips To Saving Money on Parties

By Contributing writer Jessica.

Update: Here’s the news segment I did on First Coast Living with the party tips.

My son just celebrated his first birthday and as I was planning his party I tried to think about ways to save money.  Here are my tips to saving money on parties.

Keep the guest of honor in mind. 

I try to spend money on things that will have a big impact for the guest of honor.  My husband doesn’t care anything about decorations but wants there to be plenty of food and drinks.  If I was planning a party for my sister I might make sure I have her favorite candles burning.  Kids parties are the same way, they want fun activities way more than they care about centerpieces.

Think outside of the box. 

Parties are a great way to use up those gift cards that you might not use otherwise.  When we were having a football party, my husband pulled out a restaurant gift card we hadn’t used and suggested we call and see if they sold wing platters.  They did, so we were able to get the food for a few dollars.  Sonic sells bags of their fun crushed ice for super cheap and it is always a big hit for parties (tip: it doesn’t freeze well – it needs to be purchased day of).


High Chair Collage

I bought a wooden highchair off of Craigslist for my daughter’s first birthday and painted it pink.  I held on to it and just repainted it blue for my son’s birthday.  I have a small collection of glass jars in assorted sizes that I can fill with anything to fit my theme.  This time I used golf balls and tees.

birthday decorations

I love searching Pinterest for ideas  I found a cute and cheap idea to use Chinese lanterns to make golf balls to hang.

Henrys first birthday 095

I like to DIY as much as possible, but I also know my limits.  For example, I like to make the cake myself, but I have Erica create the invitations.

Shop/ Plan Ahead

Pretty much as soon as I found out I was having a boy, I started thinking about a golf themed first birthday party.  My husband is a big golfer so we have tons of golf stuff.  To calm my nerves, I actually pinned some ideas on Pinterest while I was in the hospital awaiting his arrival.  When stores put summer toys on sale I stocked up on golf sets and clubs for party favors.  After holiday sales are great times to get party favors and solid colored paper goods that match your theme.  I like to use cheaper solid colored paper products and then tie in my theme in other ways.

Knowing your menu will also let you stock up on the non-perishable items well ahead of time, taking advantage of sales and coupons.  Even planning ahead, I still found myself paying full price for items I could have found on sale if I would have been more organized.

I would love to hear any tips you have for stretching a party budget.

Valentine’s Special – 50% Off Online Coupon Class

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coupon class button

Happy Valentine’s Day!  In honor of my LOVE of saving money, I’m offering the Online coupon class at 50% off this Valentine’s Weekend only with coupon code valentinesavings.

Learning how to coupon and maximize your savings, is a great way to save money in 2015.  Once you start couponing, you’ll never go back!

Many of you have asked me in the past if I travel to other cities and I’ve even taught in some of your homes.  After 5+ years of teaching live events, I am excited to offer the online course.    Now you can learn from the comfort of your home, at your own pace.

On of the best parts it that not only do you get worksheets to follow along with the videos, but you also get access to the PRIVATE Facebook group, where you can network, ask questions and learn from others in the community.

In addition to that, once you sign up for the class, you will also have access to a personalized affiliate link. Use this link to share with family and friends and when they purchase the class through YOUR LINK, you’ll get 50% of the purchase price!

As an introductory offer, you can get 50% off the Basic Couponing course when you use coupon code valentinesavings.

This 50% off coupon code is only available through Sunday 2/15/15 and is for a limited number of users…so don’t wait!  AND after you’ve signed up, be sure to grab your affiliate link, and share the link and coupon code with your friends! So you can earn $ when friends take the class with your link!  (Affiliate info will be in the top right of your login page. )

You’ll learn the anatomy of a coupon, ethical couponing, stacking coupons, where to get coupons and SO MUCH MORE!

Click here for information, cost and to sign up.