DIY Personalized Glassware – Gift Idea

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DIY Personalized Glassware

By Contributing writer Laura.

FullSizeRenderThis has to be one of my favorite crafts, especially as a mom to all girls!  Recently I took my 8th grader on a cruise, joined by her closest friends and all their moms.  I wanted to get a small gift for all the girls but didn’t want to spend a fortune.  I pictured us meeting at the port and wanting to toast~ moms with champagne and girls with sparking grape juice!  I saw a version of this online and decided to create my own twist.  These glasses cost me $1.50 each for the glass and a small amount for the glitter paint and stickers.  What a GREAT idea for little or big girls parties, hostess gifts or any other occasion~ even weddings!

Supplies Needed:

~a glass~ think outside the box.  From champagne to pilsner to wine to goblets to vases to candle holders~ so many choices!!

~stickers~so many choices of fonts!  Color doesn’t matter because you are simply using the sticker as a stencil. As you will see in the final pictures, I used Uppercase on the “SUSI” glass and Upper and Lowercase on the “Carson” glass.  This was simply because we had a few longer names that would not fit with all uppercase letters.  ALL lowercase would be super cute too!

~Martha Stewart Glass Paint Fine Glitter Translucent.  I purchased mine from Michaels for $3.99 but it was buy one-get one 50% off so I bought a silver and a gold for $6.  You can probably make a few dozen glasses with one bottle!

~a pouncer or a foam paint brush.

~masking tape.  I have seen a post that used painters tape but masking tape worked fine for me.


Step 1.  Starting with a clean glass, place letters on glass~ if it is a drinking glass, make sure you place the name far enough down to avoid the glitter being placed where lips belong!

Step 2. Frame the name with masking tape.  This is not extremely easy as glasses are tapered and not a flat surface.  In the end it is not going to really matter if you have achieved a perfect line but it is easy to adjust the tape to get it as perfect as possible!

FullSizeRenderStep 3:  With a pouncer or foam brush, place a thin layer of glitter paint over letters but within the tape lines.  Repeat this step every 3-4 minutes ending with 5 layers.  Make sure the glitter paint is as even as possible to avoid clumps.

FullSizeRenderStep 4: While glitter paint is still wet, remove the tape and letter stickers.  If you allow the glitter paint to dry, the paint/stickers may remove some of the paint from the glass.  This is the tedious part of this project.  Be careful not to smear the wet glitter paint while removing the letters, especially any “dots on an i”…those suckers are hard to remove!!  I personally use a tool I have for my Cricut but a toothpick or straight pin will work just as well.

FullSizeRenderStep 5: The above picture shows what the glass will look like immediately after removing the tape and stickers.  I like to tie a coordinating ribbon on the stem of champagne glass~ a few cents in ribbon ups the WOW factor on this craft!!

As stated on the bottle of glitter paint, these glasses require a 21 day curing process.  They do not recommend baking them and I have yet to try it.  I realize this is hard for a last minute gift BUT just make sure you include a note with instructions to hand wash the glass BUT to wait XX amount of days before washing, based on when you make it and when you present it! (I did run one through the dishwasher, as stated on the bottle, and it completely removed the glitter!) I think most recipients would know that this should be a hand wash only item but a little reminder would be great!

These last few pictures are of the finished product, including the one I made for my daughter for the cruise. The girls on the cruise LOVED their glasses and what a great souvenir!   I LOVE the gold just as much as the silver~ maybe even more!! I also attended a DOUBLE DIGIT (10) birthday party last week and literally made the “BRIANNA” glass an hour before heading out the door, holding it to my vehicles a/c vent the whole way to the party!

I hope I have inspired you with all the possibilites with this glitter paint!  A personalized gift is always a hit and can be a fraction of the cost of a store bought gift that they may or may not ever use!!




Be sure to check out the personalized vase as well.

Kindle For Kids Bundle Deal – Just In Time For Summer Reading

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kindle kids deal

Amazon just started a Kindle for kids bundle deal!  My kids love to read during the summer, when they aren’t playing in the sun!

The Bundle includes:

  • Kindle e-reader
  • Kid-friendly cover available in blue, green, pink, purple, and black
  • An extended warranty provided by SquareTrade for up to two years of protection against accidental spills and drops

All of that for just $99 (a $39.98 savings).

With Kindle FreeTime, kids can view their reading progress for each book, track reading accomplishments for each day, and earn badges for reaching milestones. And, while in Kindle FreeTime, kids won’t have access to websites or social media, or accidentally make purchases in the Kindle store. Parents simply choose specific books for their kids from their existing Kindle library or may purchase new e-books from the Kindle store to add to their kids’ Kindle FreeTime profile.

Amazon is also offering a Summer Reading online resource for families to encourage summer reading, including tips on digital reading features and tools, such as Word Wise, Vocabulary Builder and Kindle FreeTime; special deals and discounts; and special Editorial Lists with curated book recommendations for readers of all ages.

Don’t forget to check out the Summer Reading Programs for 2015 and log those books!

Summer Reading Programs For Kids – 2015

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I love encouraging my kids to read during the summer.  What better way than FREE rewards and activities.  Let me know if you find anymore.  I’m sad that some of these only go up to 5th grade. My Middle school and High schooler love to read.

Barnes & Noble – Read any 8 books and record them in the reading journal between May 19th and September 7th, 2015 and get a free book from Barnes & Noble list. I’m sad my kids have outgrown the free book list, but it might be a great gift item or donation.

Book It Summer Break Sweepstakes – Sponsored by Pizza Hut. Starting June 22, encourage all kids to collectively read 1 million minutes by August 15! Kids who read 5 books by August 15 have a chance to win awesome BOOK IT! prizes.

Chuck E Cheese Rewards Calendar – Print out the rewards calendar and record the books your child reads. Bring the chart into a participating Chuck E Cheese and earn 10 free tokens.

Half Price Books Feed Your Brain – Download the reading log and record how many minutes a week your child reads. If your child reads 300 minutes and turns in the reading log, and earn bookworm bucks.

PBS Kids Summer Reading Challenge – This one I love! It’s a DIY 10 week reading program with worksheets, games and more to keep your child entertained over the summer. 

Book Adventure – is a FREE reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children create their own book lists from over 7,000 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they’ve read, and earn points and prizes for their literary successes.

Local Library – Check with your local library about reading programs in your area. Duval County Libraries are always offering activities for kids. Clay County Libraries also have a large list of Summer kids activities.

Scholastic Summer Challenge – Log your child’s reading minutes and earn virtual rewards.

TD Bank Summer Reading Program – Read 10 books and record them on the Summer Reading Form. Take the form into your nearest TD Bank and $10 will be deposited into a new or existing saver account.

Home Depot Memorial Day Weekend Sale 2015

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Home Depot

The Home Depot Memorial Day Sale has started.  You can buy online and pick up at your local store.  If you have any paint projects on your list, now is the time to buy it.  And Military get a 10% off discount. Sale runs through May 31st.

Here are just a few of the item but you’ll want to check out your full local ad here. 

Up to 20% OFF Appliance Special Buys

Up to 25% OFF Lighting & Fans

Outdoor Storage starting at $59

Gas Grills starting at $199 – This even includes Kingsford 18.6 lb. Charcoal Briquets (2-Bag) for $9.98 each

Up to 20% OFF Outdoor Power

Up to 20% OFF Patio Furniture

4 for $10 Earthgro Mulch

$5 OFF 1 Gal. Cans & $20 OFF 5 Gal. Buckets of Paint 

Homemade Candy Bouquet for gifts, prizes or holiday surprises!

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Homemade Candy Bouquet

By Contributing writer Laura.
This idea started with a need to be creative but thrifty!  My daughters middle school was having our 1st “Color Run” and our PTO was on a tight budget.  At $10 an entry including a shirt we needed to execute the event for as little money as possible.  We needed prizes to give to the runners who came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd and also for the student who had the winning design for the t-shirt.  The prizes needed to be something every kid would want.  Gift cards aren’t allowed as gifts in our school district so that limited us.  Anyway, I decided that a candy bouquet would not only fit into our budget but would be a WOW part of the event and as a bonus it could be used for decoration.  Since making these for the first time, I have made a few of these for friends birthdays and they are not only fun to make but loved by all.  For adult friends, you can substitute small liquor bottles and maybe even folded dollar bills.  This is PERFECT for the person who has everything.

Supplies: Candy, Wood Skewers, Hot Glue, Foam Block from the floral department of your favorite craft store and a vase or container of some kind. Tissue paper and Ribbon for decorating (if you choose) I have seen these at a flower shop with hershey kisses as the vase filler and it is super cute!

Step 1: Purchase the candy (or whatever you choose to put in your bouquet).  I suggest that you buy your candy at a store that only wants $.50 or so for a full size bar, sometimes grocery stores get a little pricey!  Walmart would be a great place, I purchased mine at Walgreens due to a big sale they were having! If you make more than one bouquet, buying them at Sam’s or Costco in bulk would be a money saver. Purchase the other supplies.  Think outside the box for the container~ there are so many options.  A flower pot would be cute!

Step 2: Using your hot glue gun, place a strip of hot glue down the center of each piece of candy/candy bar.  This glue dries quickly so don’t try and do too many at once.  Place the skewer in the glue and make sure it is secure~ burned finger tip alert…be careful!  TIP: I found that if I knew which items I wanted higher and lower its easier to break them off from the “non pointy” end so you save the “pointy end” for the foam block.


Step 3: Cut the foam block to fit tightly in the container.  If you have a glass or see through container you may want to put the tissue paper in first before adding foam.  Place the foam in the bottom of container.  Gluing the foam in helps keep the bouquet sturdy but hot glue doesn’t work too well for this.  I would use a craft glue if you choose to glue the foam down. For the really deep container I chose to put a wood block in the bottom and built it up a bit.



Step 4: Begin placing the candy skewers into the foam.  They should easily stick through the tissue paper if you left the end “pointy”.  I suggest placing the large items first and then anything you want in the back.  I used small snack size candy bars for filler and lollipops for variety.

Step 5: Finish your bouquet off with a ribbon or bow or anything else that will dress it up!  Your imagination can go wild with this craft.

I hope you are able to make this craft for many occasions in your life.  I can’t imagine any person not LOVING getting this gift and for the actual cost, it is quite the WOW without breaking the bank!IMG_0565



Staycation Ideas For Over 50 Other Cities

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A staycation is vacation you spend in your home town, visiting  local attractions or taking day trips.

I’ve updated the Jacksonville Florida Staycation page and you can also view over 50 other cities at the bottom of the page.

If you have a Jacksonville favorite activity or location, leave a comment on the Jacksonville Staycation page and I’ll add it!
A – D

Phoenix, Arizona — Saving For Someday
Fresno, California — Living A Frugal Life
Orange County, California — More With Less Today
San Diego, California — Southern Cali Saver
Denver, Colorado — Bargain Blessings
Washington, District of Columbia — Kidventurous

F – I

Disney World, Florida — The Happy Housewife
Jacksonville, Florida — Saving The Family Money
Orlando, Florida — Coupon Mamacita
St Augustine, Florida — Simply St. Augustine
Tallahasse, Florida — SwagGrabber
Tampa Bay, Florida —
Atlanta, Georgia — Pretty Frugal Diva
Dahlonega, Georgia — Kathys Cluttered Mind
Savannah, Georgia — This Mommy Saves Money
Aurora/Chicago, Illinois — A Savings WOW!
Chicago, Illinois — Entertaining Chicago
Indianapolis, Indiana — Chaos Is Bliss

K – P

Lexington, Kentucky — Homeschool Village
Louisville, Kentucky — The Kennedy Adventures
Northern Kentucky, Kentucky — Simply Sherryl
Carroll County, Maryland — Looking at life CreativLEI
Boston, Massachusetts — Maven of Savin
Battle Creek, Michigan — Pichea Place
Grand Rapids, Michigan — Give Me Neither
Metro Detroit, Michigan — Saving Dollars and Sense
Kansas City Area, Missouri/Kansas — Redefined Mom
Omaha, Nebraska — Family Fun in Omaha
Central, New Jersey — Our Good Life
Cincinnati, Ohio — Adventure Mom
Cleveland, Ohio — Kosher on a Budget
Columbus, Ohio — Cleverly Simple
Dayton, Ohio — Savings Lifestyle
Mansfield & Richland County, Ohio — The Traveling Praters
Miami County, Ohio — Something 2 Offer
Northeast, Ohio — Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring
Portland, Oregon — Frugal Living NW
Harrisburg/Central, PA — Family Balance Sheet
Erie, Pennsylvania — Growing Kids Ministry
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Moms Need To Know
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — The Coupon High

R – W

Arlington, Texas — Grocery Shop For FREE
Fort Worth, Texas — Coupons and Freebies Mom
Houston, Texas — Melissa’s Bargains
Katy, Texas — Moms Confession
San Antonio, Texas — How to Homeschool My Child
Tyler, Texas — iLoveMy5Kids
Charlottesville, Virgina — How to Have it All
Norfolk, Virgina — The Talking Suitcase
Richmond, Virgina — Vacation Maybe
Seattle, Washington — Thrifty NW Mom
Tacoma/South Puget Sound, Washington — Queen Bee Coupons
Oshkosh, Wisconsin — A Little Bit of This and That

Winn-Dixie Great Grocery Giveaway Sweepstakes

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Winn-Dixie Great-Grocery-Giveaway

When I posted about the new My Winn-Dixie app last week, I mentioned they also have a grocery sweepstakes going on.  Winn-Dixie is giving away $150,000 worth of free groceries to customers in the Southeast, including the Jacksonville area. Thirty (30) Winn-Dixie customers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana will win free groceries for a year, valued at $5,000 each, by entering the Great Grocery Giveaway. Additionally, every person who enters the giveaway will automatically receive a $10 off $100 purchase coupon so everybody wins!

Customers can visit the Great Grocery Giveaway now through June 16 for official rules and to enter-to-win the Great Grocery Giveaway.  You’ll need to enter your Winn-Dixie rewards card number to enter.  Once you’ve entered you’ll get a $10 off $100 purchase coupon loaded onto your Winn-Dixie rewards card within 3 business days of entering.  You will be notified via email when the $10 off $100 purchase coupon has been loaded to your reward card.

If you don’t already have a Winn-Dixie customer reward card, you can sign up online here, or get one from your local Winn-Dixie customer service desk.

Head over to the Winn-Dixie Great Grocery Giveaway here to enter. 

Disclosure: I was given a Winn-Dixie gift card in exchange for sharing this information. All opinions are my own. 

Summer Movie Programs For Kids ~ Regal, Cinemark and Carmike

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Summer Movie Express | Regal Cinemas

Incase you missed this, summer movie programs for kids is a great way to entertain the kids in the air conditioning!

One of my favorite ways to keep the kids entertained is the kids movies for a great price.  They may have seen these movies before, but don’t mind going to the theater  in the air conditioning, and having popcorn! Here are the details to the theaters that are participating.

Cinemark Summer Movie Club House.  (Yay, the Jacksonville location is participating this year!) 10 shows for $5 if paid in advance or $1 per show when you pay at the box office. Here is the Cinemark Summer Movie Schedule for the Jacksonville location as well as a concession stand coupon.

Carmike Cinemas Summer Kids Series –Thursday movies at 10am for the family for only $4 per person and price includes kids tray with popcorn and drink. Choose your State and city to see playing times.

Regal Summer Movie Express – Tuesdays & Wednesdays 10am at select theaters, watch a G or PG movie for only $1 per ticket!  Check the start dates and locations here. 

AMC theaters have not participated for a few years.  If they update any, I’ll post it.


Jacksonville Beach – Moonlight movies at the Seawalk pavilion. Friday nights at 9pm.  Bring a blanket or lawn chairs and get there early to get a good seat.

Ripley’s St. Augustine – Movies by the Bay Wednesdays starting at 8:30 pm.  Schedule on their Facebook page.

Be sure to check out the Jacksonville Staycation page for more local summer fun.