New Coupon Database With Florida Times Union Inserts (You Can Choose Your City)

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Coupon Database-1

I’ve installed a new coupon database. It allows you to pick your local paper so you can see if you got that specific coupon! I marked the Florida Times Union inserts from 8/25 last night.  When you do a search all the coupons will show but you can click on the “shout” button on the right to see if I marked it for the Florida Times Union.  You can choose papers from other cities, but keep in mind that someone needs to hit the “I have it” button for your city. Anyone can do this once you’ve chosen your paper at the top of the database.  So if you spot a coupon your city did not get, you can hit the “I don’t” button.  I also noticed some value differences in a few coupons and I’ve marked those.  They will show up in the “alt” column when you click on the “shout” button.  See below:

Coupon Database-2

Go ahead and try it, look up “Heinz” on the Coupon Database and click on the image on the right. You’ll see I’ve marked that we got it AND that ours is .50¢ not .25¢ Cool!

Printable coupons are marked with a printer icon on the right.

There are lots of other cool features I’m testing and I’ll tell you about those soon.

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