I’m a Coupon Addict and I’m Not Ashamed

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Hello, my name is Karen, and I’m a coupon addict.  It happened rather slowly, because I resisted the peer pressure.  My sister in law kept trying to push them on me.  She kept mumbling things like, reward cards and couponizer.  She persisted, because she knew it would be good for me.  I finally gave in, as it was getting harder to avoid her, and I wanted to be part of the “IN” crowd.  It was hard at first.  I didn’t know where I was going to get my stash or how to use them.  I started slowly and nervously handed over my coupons to the cashier, as if I was doing something wrong.  I started to see the savings, then I was hooked, and it only got worse from there.  I needed to know what the sales were going to be before the current one was even over.  I dreamt about coupons and where I was going to score my next deal.

So now I have my stash, it’s gotten more attention in the last few months than my kitchen.  Everything else has been neglected.  It’s May and the kids still have their winter clothes in their drawers.  Laundry gets done and sits on the couch until I can fold it (usually when American Idol is on).  My clothes have made it to the top of my dresser, no time to actually sort and put them in the drawers, must post another deal!  I’m on book #3 of the Twilight series, but I’ve been on chapter 2 for over a month.  I’m too busy tweeting on twitter on my iphone during my free time.  Wow that was a sentence I never thought I’d be writing. And by free time let me clarify, I mean in the car pool pick up line at the kids school.

I’ve stolen from my parents, if you call using their ink and paper to print coupons as stealing.  When hubby would suggest dinner at the pizza place, I’d freak out when I couldn’t find the coupon that I just saw yesterday.  Why can’t I be better organized?  I’d find a deal and I’d get the shakes, that would not stop until I could write a post to share it with all of you.   My husband complains that I am on the computer more than he is now, and that’s saying a lot.  My computer is too slow for me right now, so I’m using my husbands.  I tried to print some high value coupons the other day, but the coupon printing software had to be installed on his computer.  Losing precious time, I started to get worried my stash would not be there when I had the need.  My husband and I have always been planners, but he’s starting to break out of his shell.  It’s completly throwing me for a loop.  Especially when he wants to stop by the store on the way home and I don’t have my coupon binder.  Or he decides to swing by and pick up dessert as a surprise and I say, “oh man I had a coupon for that!”

Here are some of the benefits to my addiction:

  • We are no longer living paycheck to paycheck and I don’t have to warn my hubby days before payday, that he shouldn’t debit anything.
  • We are paying off our debt much quicker than expected
  • We’re teaching our kids the value of money.  It’s embedded in their brains that we “can’t do that b/c it’s too expensive” or “we’re going here because we have a coupon/discount”.  They are also learning to save their money for something they really want/need instead of wasting it away at the dollar store.
  • We can spend the extra money on things we enjoy instead of household necessities.
  • It’s giving me a sense of value as a stay at home mom.  My husband brings home the paycheck but it’s my job to be a good steward of our finances.
  • I’m enjoying working on my website and sharing what I’ve learned with others.  My husband is a webmaster, so I’m learning a lot from him and it gives us something to learn and grow from together.  Mostly just something to talk about on date nights besides the kids!

When I come home from a shopping trip, my husband likes to guess how much I spent.  He is actually really good at this.  He can probably tell how well I did based on how big my smile is!

Some of my favorite words:

Saving Money

I’m starting a support group.  Leave me a confession comment about your addiction and your funniest/best/worst experience as an addict.  And join me on Facebook! 


  1. jeanie says

    Love it. Your writing skills have improved as well.So glad you are really enjoying this addiction.Your family benefits as do your followers.

  2. Merri says

    You are too funny! You described me to a “T” as far as how saving money consumes me :) I had to have my husband read it as he does the same thing when I return from the grocery store! Thanks for all you do to help us save money!

  3. Mei Yin says

    I am a coupon addict too. I am a homemaker, so I don’t earn a penny to support my family. As a wife and a mom as well, I absolutely enjoy to save that coupon money , so I can spend it on other expenses ,like swimming lesson and baseball team for my son. I consider it is my job to save money for my family. Hurray for all coupon addict and saving mom.

    • Karen says

      That is exactly how I felt when I became a SAHM. It was my job to save money and stretch it as far as we could. I would much rather spend money on vacations then toilet paper and chips! :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I enjoy hearing from other mommas.

  4. says

    Love it!!! You have a new subscriber!!! I have been on your blog for about an hour and I have to give it 2 thumbs up!!! I have add and it’s really hard for me to read with no pictures ( I know it sounds weird, but it’s true!) and I’ve read like 5 of your long post!!! You’re GREAT! It’s just my Boyfriend and I in our household but he has enough of his Old Spice Figi deodorant to last him a year!!! Which cost me nada! I LOVE being an addict!!!

    • Karen says

      Thank you for such a sweet comment. It makes my day! It is fun to not pay full price for everyday essentials isn’t it?

  5. says

    That sounded scarysame as me! I do all of those things and have all those same feelings. I joke that my husband makes the money and I save as much of it as I can…kind of a nice complement. Always enjoy the blog!

  6. Melissa says

    I love it!! Soo true :) in the past couple of months I have seen the same transformation in my own home!

  7. MamawW says

    Coupons arfe ot just for young families. Seniors have fixed incomes. Paythe same for high electric bills, high gas. etc. I am trying to get our Senor Center to start a class and a swap.

  8. karaokegal says

    hey i am a few months into doing the coupons and my boyfriend is actually the one who started this maddness, by the way i love him so lol. My first savings trip was about $60 to now i get mad if i mess up and get charged 60 lol. I still am learning the do’s and dont’s and it can be a hassell sometimes but i love it. Some of my stores let you play with your coupons and some dont in my area and i like the ones that i can play with, but any whoot i love couponing and love getting free stuff for things i use to would compromise and get the generic stuff and now i can get the good stuff for close to nothing. It does take alot of time but its well worth it for i am stay at home to. i have been the family nurse assitant lol for over 6 yrs but wasnt planned just what God had in store for me though, but anyways i love this sight and love learning new stuff on how to save more everyday, keep up the good work. i want to be like you and get me a site to wish i was more literate to do so i would love to do this too. I dont know how you do all the above and site to wow i give you a round of applause.

  9. Kelly gilmore says

    Your post about the dessert hit home! My husband came home with two ice creams, two hot toppings AND Italian ice, and I had coupons for all of it! He came in with a big smile and I told him how much money I would have saved! This is a great site, I am relatively new to couponing, and you really break it down so newcomers can pick it up easily.

    • Karen says

      LOL, thanks Kelly! It’s funny how they can do such a nice thing and we think, “oh man I had a coupon!”

  10. says

    Rock On. I just began tonight and I had a ball. You can get the name brands for way below the generic brands prices. Wish me Luck on my learning and Rock ON. Also frugalconstance@blogspot.com. My beginner blogspot.Thank You to all you women who need this help in the now times that we are going through.

  11. Gale says

    Too funny but true. I have celiac disease so I shop a lot at Whole Foods a lot. It is important that I eat natural, organic, grass-fed foods.

    I am really good at matching coupons, stacking and sales. Last week was my time to stack up on meat. The chickens were $1.29 so you know I was clucking and crowing as they wrapped my bundle of chickens just the way I envisioned my dinners: legs and thighs, breast and wings, whole chickens, etc. The butcher man looked all exhausted but he kept a smile. Then I headed for the pork roast, the sausages, GF bacon until I was loaded. I have enough meat to last 2 months.

    Everything on my $147.00 trip was either on sale or I had a coupon. My total was $107.00 with meat, veggies, dairy, snacks, and condiments and the poor cashier was not happy. She started mouthing off a bout how she was too busy with school and working to waste time cutting coupons. Who asked her, surely NOT me!

    Those folks in line behind me who were blowing steam were all smiles and asking sooooo many questions. And, of course the regret comments… wish I had time to do that, I can’t spend my time clipping coupons, blah, blah, blah. But one poor lady right behind me was cheering me on; while, trying to hide her own sadness. She had an item that I had a coupon for and I gave it to her. As I left proud, thankful to God, and smiling I got an unexpected smile, extra good-bye wave from my grocery line buddy. As the double doors parted I could still hear her gushing to her husband about the deal she had just scored with my coupon. I sure hope she gets addicted. I love this addiction, but I am sure there will be insurance paid for therapy for it soon. Thanks Karen for all you do. I print coupons from you all the time.

    -You are loved, appreciated and adored.
    Gayle @ glutenfreecouponcorner on FB.

  12. Jailene says

    I am a young couponer and proud! Right now I am 15 but I started couponing when I was 14. It started off by wanting to save to get a car but now I just coupon for fun. It’s easy to say that I have saved enough money for a used car. My parents are thrilled with my hobby and that I am not getting into trouble instead. It took me a while to tell my friends I couponed but now they are just as hooked! It’s strange to think that a bunch of teenage girls would rather clip coupons then watch the latest twilight movie. Couponing helped me and my family be able to afford little luxuries during this recession and has helped me figure out that I want to be in the financial district and major in business.

  13. Susan says

    SALE ONLY IF IS ON SALE AND/OR WITH COUPON! It is actually it has got to the point my husband doesn’t even ask for anything specific. I sometimes laugh when my husband says oh I know how important I am when I might come home with about 20 boxes of crackers. Or I come home with 6 boxes of snack size cookies. Or when I say I have to go to CVS or Walgreens Rare occassions, to get some candy cheap or free. I am pretty sure that is when he is ready kick me out to get some candy. He is a candy freck. Mostly chocalate.
    EVEN me daughter does not ask for specfic cereal as long there is something she can eat with her braces.

  14. liz says

    Yayyyy!! I am and coupon addict and I don’t want to be cured!!..I have converted my hubby to the dark side as well…at first he looked at me as though I had lost my mind when I told him I was going to coupon …but now as he has seen the savings slowly pile up,when he goes any where or has to buy anything first thing he asks..”honey do we have a coupon for that?”…lol love it…now he has converted one of his co workers over to the dark side “insert manaical laugh here”…Thank you for all the great tips and deals…
    happy clipping !

  15. Camille says

    I have always known that coupons can save money. My husband loves to shop at Express and they always have great coupons for his work shirts and pants and I will never let him go in there without a coupon. Now since finding your site I to have become completely obsessed. I don’t have a binder yet and evenings my husband comes home from work and they are spread all over the floor..the bed has not even been made and dinner is sandwiches…lol. I don’t think I am unlike many women whose husband thinks this WAS crazy, until he started to see it really makes a different. He never shops without telling me what he is getting, so we can make sure we have a coupon or we are getting the best possible price. I am loving this and love telling people how much I save every week at the grocery. I have never had a hobby and I found one..I think the best one to have…SAVING MONEY!

  16. Tanya says

    I too am a coupon addict. My 6 yo has been known to say “Mom, when you have a coupon for cereal ‘X’ could you please buy me some?” :0) I too bent to the peer pressure!

  17. Josette says

    Omg, I am a couponing addict. I dont leave home without my binder in tow. I recently spent the weekend in Panama City Beach Florida and took my binder with me. Luckily I had it because ended up needing to go to the store for a couple of things and I had coupons! My boyfriend just laughs now and asks if I have a coupon for it, then shakes his head

  18. Bonnie says

    Happy to be an addict in CT! I only began in August, but already I have a nice little stockpile that is helping meet my family’s needs.

    I think we all may have different reasons for beginning but the quick payoff is the clincher that keeps us motivated. For me, I am disabled and spend a lot of time hospitalized. Now I don’t need to worry whether or not my husband and children have enough food and household products when I’m not home to take care of them. Plus – we too have lived paycheck to paycheck and because of coupons we are finally able to start saving.

    I love how my family is getting involved. My husband brings me home inserts from coworkers and builds shelves. My teens help me shop. My youngest helps clip coupons. We all benefit and being mindful about spending in stores is helping us be more financiallyaware in general.

    The addiction is growing strong with no end in sight!! Thank the coupon fairy for that!


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